Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Boy

Well, now that it's been over a month ago that our big boy turned the big 5 years old......I thought it was fitting to share a few pictures from his special day (well, or week as it turned into as I mentioned in this post).

birthday morning celebration with some yummy doughnuts & loving the birthday hats

so i don't like to bake....because seriously i always mess things up! but i did make these cupcakes & attempted my own "artwork" (if i can call it that) at superhero symbols

"superhero friends"....showing their special crafted masks and capes

So finally about a week after Reed's birthday we did put together a little celebration for him with some sweet little friends--who both live right around the corner from us. And a new friend we have gotten to know from Casey's hometown......they just moved here a couple months ago and Reed and Hudson hit it off so well. So it was fun to include him in our birthday fun!

and last but not least.....a very excited boy opening his legos........aunt neenee you made his day for sure; as he's been asking for legos for months now-ha! and yes, jess he LOVED his remote control car as well; i just didn't have a picture of him opening the presents when mom arrived with them. he loved it so much he's broken it already; but still tries to make it work and use it!

so a happy, happy birthday was definitely had by our big 5 year old!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

So a few weeks ago we went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch with Reed's class. Mary Etta still talks about it....always asking "mommy, I go punkin pat." She loved it! And sweet Emery-Claire still is asking me to take her, since that day she was at her school.

So here are a few fun pictures from our trip......

Reed picking out his pumpkin

Reed has a couple friends from church in his here he is with them and siblings!

His sweet teachers, Ms. Missy and Ms. Donna

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Two year pictures

So it was well over 2 months ago this sweet baby girl turned 2 years old! So I thought I'd just try my own photo session in the backyard! So needless to say between our crazy schedule, weather, just everyday busyness I've had some conflicts to get these done! But after 2 attempts I think I finally got some good ones..............