Monday, April 28, 2008

Sad to say goodbye.......

Two little buddies playing and picnicing at the park.

We took Kathy out for some fun girl time at PF Changs.

This week some of our dear friends are moving.....we are sad to see them go, but know the Lord has a perfect plan in this new season of their lives. Kathy has become such a sweet friend the past couple years as we have bonded in both having our first child, and so many other similiarities. And it has been so sweet and fun to see Reed and Addison grow this first year and a half, and really begin to know one another and get excited to see one another---and to watch them play and engage with each other too. We love you guys and will miss you!
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Talking Boy

Neenee, Gigi, Nana /nu/, dog /daw/, duck /du/, Erica /kuku/, Casey /kay/---these are the some of the words Reed is saying in this video. He will really try and imitate just about anything these days...especially for Daddy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

19 months old today!

Such a daddy's boy! He really will do just about anything for Daddy! I'll have to post some pictures soon of the new play golf set Reed got last week. Casey is so proud and ready to teach him how to play.
Big buddies......Reed loves to give Casey "5," and I love the picture below of them walking from behind--I thought it was so sweet!

I can't believe our little man is 19 months old today! Some days seem to be slow because they are hard and challenging, but then when I think about how fast he is growing and changing everyday, well, it is just too fast!!! I have a video I want to post later with him imitating some words. He is really imitating most things we model for him to say, it's so cute! And he really understands so much too, it's amazing! I guess my time working with delayed little kiddos, I'm amazed to see all that is really typical for little people to understand and comprehend. He follows so many directions and knows what the names of so many objects. When we take walks he just "talks" so much and points to all he sees, you can tell he is just so excited about all he is seeing and learning in the environment around him.
We have a little over 4 weeks away til our little girl will be here, I can't believe it's so close! I'm hoping and praying Reed adjusts to it all well. Thank goodness it will be summer and since we are not going to summer project, Casey will be around alot--so I am very thankful for that!
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Friday, April 18, 2008

April Showers

Kathy, Karen and I have all been in an incredible bible study this year, Gospel Transformation! We have definitely all grown in our understanding of the depths of our sin, and the glorious truths and freedom we have in our salvation through and only through the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!
Sarah Jane and I---one of my dearest friends from UT! It's been such a blessing and fun to live near one another since Casey and I have been married---and I'm looking forward to our move to Lexington so we can be closer!

My sweet friend Monica, she is married to Andy who has been working up here at Georgetown with Casey the past 2 years. She is also been very sweet in helping me make (and she really the brains in it all) our little gal's bedding. It's been fun to try and nurture my creative side in sewing. I hope to grow in it more in the near future!

The CO Lexington staff wives---we had a very yummy meal at PF Changs and then went back to the Witherington's for dessert (great job Monica!) and fun gifts!

In the past couple of weeks several of my friends here in Kentucky have given me some baby showers for baby girl Willis. Of course these days I'm always up for an excuse to have a girls night out---it's hard to believe I look for a girl's night out! Before marriage and kids it was such the norm to have a girls night out, and I never thought anything more of it, now I get so excited when there is a reason to have one! The first shower was with some sweet friends from church and the other one was with all our staff wives on our CO team. I had a great time at both, and our baby gal was definitely showered with some very fun girly things!!
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Dancing and Elmo

Trying this again, since I know the video didn't download last time........

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dancing and Elmo

So I apologize for my very nontech skills in filming----this one is a little rough! But we took it last week sometime and I thought it was still kinda cute, even though my abilities are pretty sad. He dances briefly with his ABC Leap Frog, and then picks up the Elmo book--which he calls "Mo." And of course leave it to my son to turn to the page and find the cookie! He very definitively produces a hard /k/ for "cookie!"
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Monday, April 14, 2008

Fun with the fam

Reed trying to get Brody to chase him.
Listening to a little music, the boys could have sat there and watched the bluegrass band forever!
Watching the horses go by at Keeneland.

This past weekend all the boys in our family (Casey, Uncle Adam, and "soon to be" Uncle Rusty) were all gone to a men's time at Sharptop in Georgia. So all the girls came up to Kentucky for some fun! Reed seemed to have a great time with his cousin, Brody (who is now 9 months old). He really wanted Brody to chase him, as he'd stand right in front of him and laugh, and then run off in hopes that Brody would take part in his game. And of course he always loves bonding with his Gigi. We went out to Keeneland for a little bit on Saturday, though it was pretty windy and chilly. Reed loved seeing the horses, as he calls them "dogs." We all had a good time hanging out and visiting together. I know Reed will be excited to see his Daddy today when he gets home, as will I!!
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Free Giveaway!

I came across this blog---- Mommin' It Up. They are giving away a $30 gift certificate to a super cute online shop, Carabella's. All you have to do is mosey over to Carabella's and pick out your favorite item, then post a comment on Mommin' It Up. They have some cute stuff...check it out!

Good Times

Addison, Eleanor, Reed and Deacon watch the "big" girls, Caroline and Bella Claire, in the other room dancing to their music.
Reed and Deacon were the two lone boys after Logan left amungst all the gals!

Friday we got to go to play group with some friends. Reed had a great time playing with all his friends! He seems to really enjoy his times being around other kids. He usually gets very excited and smiles so big when we arrive and he sees his friends. They all seemed to play together well, with some occasional emotional outbursts if one took the toy the other wanted---nothing more than the typical toddler scuffle.
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Monday, April 7, 2008

Havaianas and Tennessee

"Aunt Sarah----these two pics are for you!!!! Look how great they fit me for this summer!!" We're so excited to wear them, and glad you bought them for us last summer in Brazil! We love you and hope to see you soon!

Wearing the TN hat on a stroll in this lovely 70 degree weather today!! We're so excited it was so warm and hope to enjoy more days like this!

We pulled out the Havaianas that my sister, Sarah, got him last summer in Brazil. They fit him perfectly this year, and he looks so cute in them! He just stares at his feet and stomps around in them. It's pretty funny! So we got to wear them today since it was so nice and warm. Reed loves being outside, and he's not happy when he has to come in either. So we got to spend alot of time outside today, so he definitely loved that! And of course we had to sport the TN hat---always got to support our VOLS!!!!!
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Friday, April 4, 2008

Best Friend

These days Reed has discovered Elmo, yes the Sesame Street character, with the high-pitched and somewhat obnoxious voice. I occasionally let him watch Sesame Street and he LOVES Elmo's World---he giggles and smiles ear to ear when it comes on. It really is pretty cute to watch. In the past week if it's on he has been running up to the tv and pointing and shouting "Mo!" with such excitement and joy! And I have to boast about an exciting happening at our house tonight. Reed is still just imitating and using mostly one-word approximations (yes, I'm the annoying speech therapist mom who analyzes all his speech and language way too closely at times). And mostly he uses just one syllable, occasionally he'll use some 2-syllabel word approximations. Well, tonight as we were eating dinner, and he was having one of his favorites, macaroni and cheese, he used his 'more' sign and the verbal 2 words "more cheese". AND he said it a second time as well! I was very excited to hear him put together 2 words for the first time ever!!!! Yeah! Of course I don't think he realized what he had said, because I'm not for sure I could get him to do it again, it was definitely very spontaneous and out of nowhere. But we were excited to hear him use 2 words together. So maybe here in the near future there will be more of that to come. He really does try and imitate so much these days, and jargons in conversations with so much pitch inflection---it really is sweet to see him try and be telling us something in his little head.
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