Thursday, September 29, 2011

Embrace the Camera--Thursday, Sept. 29th

So we haven't "embraced the camera" in some time now! So in honor of our birthday boy I thought I'd start again with this one we took on his birthday.

As confusing as it can be for a 5 year old, it was......the actual day we were able to celebrate in the morning with doughnuts and singing and candles. Then Casey and I went out of town and he had more celebrating and a few presents with Gigi and Pops. Then when we returned home Sunday he got to have dinner of choice--pizza and open his presents from us. And finally this weekend will be a small celebration--"superhero style"-- with just a couple friends. Whew, this has literally turned into a birthday week! Happy birthday little buddy!

Friday, September 23, 2011

5 Years Ago Today.......

this sweet boy came into our lives.......

I seriously can't believe we have a 5 year old! How I feel he's always been with us, but yet I feel too like it was yesterday we were so anxiously awaiting his arrival, and to hold him in our arms for the first time!

Last year I wrote this post about him turning 4 years.....I guess each year really is a big deal. But for some reason 5 seems so they are not really toddlers or hardly even preschoolers anymore. They are entering into a season of school-age, and that sure seems like a whole new world for sure! Though I wouldn't trade where we are at all; I do love and savor the past 5 years with this sweet boy--and it's also so fun and such a privilege to be where we are as well.

Reed is such a blessing in our lives; he has such a sweet heart. He has become such a helper these days, and he is always eager to please! Most of the time-- he is such a sweet big brother to his sisters. He loves to cheer them on--whether it's in watching Emery-Claire in her ballet class or encouraging Mary Etta in something new she is attempting, he truly is genuine and sincere in his words and actions to them. Lately, he has been questioning heaven and characteristics of God. Today we had a conversation that went something like this:
Reed--"heaven is a far, far, far away land"
Erica---"well, yes, heaven is God's kingdom"
Reed-- (not sure why this continued from one topic to the next but it did--I guess his little mind is just thinking so fast about so many things!) "Mommy we are sinful; and have sinful hearts. we need to pray that the Lord would change our hearts so we can be with Jesus."
Erica--"yes that is right. Has God changed your heart?"
Reed--"nope. not yet. I have to get bigger first!"
Well at least he knows what has to happen!

Happy Happy 5th birthday to one very loved little boy! We sure can't imagine our lives without you! We are so ever thankful for your sweet life, and know what a honor and privilege it is to be chosen as your parents! We pray each and everyday that you will never remember a day that you didn't know and love our Lord Jesus Christ! We love you!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Outside Fun

This year for the girls birthdays I decided I wanted something everyone could use, no more toys upon toys that we really don't need! I've wanted a playset for some time now for our backyard for them all to play on, swing, slide, etc. So I asked instead of gifts for family members to contribute to the set so we could purchase one and get lots and lots of use out of it!

So finally the last weekend of August my parents came up here and we were able to get it all put together and set up! They have truly loved every minute of it, as have we! It's so great to tell them they must stay in the backyard and they do because they have pure fun and entertainment back there!

And lots of fun enjoying with our friends too!

So thank you, thank you to all our grandparents for contributing to our wonderful new playset! We are so thankful and love it so much!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Little Ballerina

So today marked another of "firsts" for our full of life, Emery-Claire. We started her ballet classes for the first time today. Oh my she is just so stinking cute!! She is such a tiny little thing, and then to see her in those tights, leotard, and shoes---seriously she is the cutest thing! She was so excited and couldn't wait to get in the room. I was amazed that in a class of 3, 4, & 5 year olds that the instructor kept them all in line as well as she did! Especially the new, young 3-year-olds who had no clue what they were doing! Of course our active child needed a little re-direction at times, but considering it was so new to her she really did great! And more importantly said she loved it!

Getting her shoes ready by Ms. Nancy

So ballerina like huh?! But oh so excited as she kept looking and smiling and waving at me and Reed.

So fun! I didn't get a closer up picture of her, but will probably take the camera back again and will use the more zoom lense as well. I'm so glad she did so well and had fun too!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Her first day

sweet sisters hugging before our venture off.....Mary Etta and Mommy had their own full day of running errands and lunch together. it is sweet to have alone time with her, as we obviously don't get that very often!

So yesterday marked another big day for one of the Willis children. Our little and full of life--Emery-Claire had her first day of "school". Emery-Claire is attending the Mom's Day Out at our church (Reed did as well when we turned 3). She is just going once a week, and was so excited to go yesterday she could hardly stand it! She excitedly ran into the room, she did need a little prompting to say hello to her teachers, and was very excited to see lots of new friends and many familiar ones as well! She did not cry and went right away to the table and began doing the table activities. So I was just as excited for her....she is so social and loves being with people, so I'm sure if she could she would go everyday!

the differences between boys and girls--well it's amazing. it's like pulling teeth to get reed to tell us much about his day at school. well, this child couldn't stop telling us all sorts of things. whether it be about 2 children who didn't share, or how the teacher told her to quit pulling up her dress, or how much she enjoyed her snack "it was fun" she said! she had lots of stories for sure! i'm glad she enjoyed so much. happy first day sweet baby girl!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

No training wheels!

So the past couple days Casey has been working with Reed to ride his bike without his training wheels! I'm amazed at how quick he's caught on! He is so excited and proud of himself, it's so sweet! I truly have a little boy.......This is filmed sideways, sorry. But it's short and sweet, so I know grandparents will eat this up regardless of the filming!