Saturday, July 30, 2011

July Travels-Part 2

After we left my dad's we headed towards our beach destination! We haven't been on a family beach trip since Emery-Claire was a baby. Casey is not a huge fan of the beach, but he was willing to go this time.....though taking 3 small children (and we did have Casey's mom go too) we weren't sure how smoothly things would go, and hoping we'd get some alone time together too. So on the way down to the gulf we stopped in south Georgia to have lunch with some dear friends. Kathy is probably one of my best friends, and I'm so thankful for our friendship! It was great to see her (it has been a little over a year ago that I brought Mary Etta and came down to visit her).

Our girls "meeting".....Our oldest (Reed & Addison are about 3 months apart) used to have play dates lots while we lived close and before they moved away about 3 years ago. We were both pregnant with these 2 girls when they moved (and they are about 6 months apart). Now EC at
3 years and Isabelle 2 1/2 years, we know they seem to have similar personalities and would probably be the best of friends if we all lived in the same town. It was so fun to see them interact and engage with each other.

Finally we arrived in Seagrove.......I do just love the gulf coast! It was late afternoon when we got there so we took the kids down to the beach to explore and see the ocean. They seemed so excited to run in the sand and feel the warm sand in their toes.

Monday, July 25, 2011

July Travels-Part 1

Reed enjoying the tractor ride with my dad; he was so excited!

Let's see...where to July (as has the rest of the summer) has been a little crazy for our family. After we got back from project we were home for 2 full weeks---oh how wonderful to be in our own home, but we had some family plans during our free month so we hit the road once again! I've had a hard time organizing all my thoughts and going through way too many pictures. Oh and our camera just quit working while we were on vacation...thankfully it was the last day and we had just taken family pictures and some of Mary Etta on her birthday! The camera had an extended warranty so it's off being fixed/replaced/etc.

So back to July......we were here for 2 weeks and did swimming lessons---and just enjoyed being home for a bit. Then we left for a weekend with my Dad and stepmom at their house on the lake. The kids had a blast, and we all enjoyed visiting and time on the water!

the girls taking a boat ride--this was Mary Etta's first!

Reed's first tube ride! As you can see he loved every minute of it!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Is my baby really 2 years old?!?

So a week ago my baby turned 2 years old! Yes, she is 2 years old! A mother knows this day is coming, it's just inevitable. But still as much as I'm trying to savor the little years, they still fly by as fast as these pictures fly by in this video. I made this video for her last year on her 1st birthday--and with all our crazy summer travels (project, family visits, beach vacation--lots of pictures to post soon!) I barely had time to put this together a week later! I know this is such a sweet, sweet time watching her grow and change so much.....but it definitely has come and passed much faster than I would want. I look back at all these pictures and really am speechless at how we managed having these 2 girls 14 months apart. But I suppose it's like many other of life circumstances, we just did---and the Lord was gracious to us in giving us the strength, enabling us love them and care for all 3 of them! Mary Etta you are such a joy and a blessing to our family, we love you so so so much!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy 2nd birthday Mary Etta Caroline

Today this sweet baby girl turns 2 years old! It's been a whirlwind of a past couple weeks, and we've been on a family her birthday was celebrated while we were out of town this year. At least she is just 2, and still doesn't quite understand the whole birthday thing at this point.

So onto the birthday........mainly my baby is 2! I think for the past 4 1/2 years I've constantly had a I really can't believe the youngest is 2! She is so fun, so full of life, and the sweetest little baby ever! But boy is this little girl becoming way too independent for her mama. Just this week she decided to pee on the potty.....seriously?! She is asking to go everytime we change her diaper---and I have so not encouraged this either. After spending the past 2 summers potty training people, I thought I'd take this one a little slower, but I don't know she may have her own agenda here. And then while on our vacation this child was swimming like a little fish! She did have on her lifevest, but she figured out how to kick her legs and quickly propel herself from the spot to where she jumped in the pool back over to the steps. Amazing! She is quite independent these days--making her seem more like a little girl and less of a baby. Sigh. So we had a family lunch, then family trip to see "Winnie the Pooh" movie (both girls first movie theatre experience)--and she did great! Sat so still and loved every minute of it! Then after her afternoon nap I took her to Publix to get a birthday cupcake and balloon. We sang, helped her blow out the candles and open a couple small presents. So all in all she had a great day I believe! Happy birthday baby girl, what joy and life you bring to our family; we are so thankful for you and love you so much!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A day in the life-Thursday

Day 4 of "a day in the life"! It is tedious writing down all we do, but I think I have enjoyed thinking about our days and how we are spending them. It definitely makes me very aware if I'm diligent and wise with my time and how I spend it, or if I'm being lazy and unproductive. I do know I rarely sit down, except to check something on the computer! I don't have time to sit still....and the minute I do I'm zonked!

My alarm went off at 6:15, boy I was dragging this morning. This is pretty typical by the end of the week and getting up early so many days in a row. I had stayed up till around 12:30--yes I know I'm crazy--working on those dresses that should have been finished 3 months ago! So I tried to get up and do the Pure Barre video....I started and about 5 minutes into just felt way too blah. So I sat on the couch and checked emails. So much for a morning workout--oh well. Then right at 7 Reed and EC came downstairs--earlier this morning too!

We went into the kitchen to get some breakfast--waffles and eggs (I think Reed asked if he could have cereal instead of waffle). After brewing a pot of coffee and having their food ready to eat, I jumped in the shower--as I was in desperate need of one (I don't think I ever had one Wednesday after my run and trip to the pool.....some days that just seems to be how it goes!) We had to quickly get ready to leave by 8:40 as they were doing makeup swim lessons from yesterday--so ours were going to be 9-9:30, and then our normal class time of 9:30-10. I think when I got out of the shower Mary Etta was up, so about 7:45. I brought her down to eat her breakfast. Then while the big 2 played in the playroom I quickly was getting dressed, hair, makeup, etc. Then it was close to 8 so we had a little over 30 minutes to get everyone dressed and ready to go; and were in the car by about 8:35.

Much happier at swim lessons! It was a whole new day for her!

Swim lessons went great! I was sure they would be super tired and worn out from an hour of swim lessons! Even Emery-Claire was a new child at lessons---she's been crying alot and very fearful these past 2 weeks. Tuesday she had a sub and completely freaked out and would not get in the water, except about the last 10 minutes! Today she was loving every minute of it! Putting her head under water, floating for the teacher, kicking on the kickboard and noodle (with instructor's assistance)--but overall great improvements!

After leaving swim lessons we made a quick stop at JoAnn's so I could pick up some buttons for the dresses. Then we headed home to get ready for the pool--they were begging to go! So I let them watch a little PBS kids while I packed a lunch and gathered our pool things, and then we all got our swimsuits on.

We headed over to the pool around 12, and met a friend who was joining us with her 2 boys for a day of fun in the water! Reed amazed me and was so proud of himself as he would swim with his head underwater for little spurts kicking and moving his arms---it was so exciting to see him actually swimming!! I don't even think he's swam underwater in his lessons--or so I noticed as between looking at him, Emery-Claire (who usually has had most my attention b/c she has been melting down, except for finally not today), and Mary Etta who is squirming and fussing to get out of the stroller--I know I don't always see every move he makes in there! All the kids did great and seemed to have so much fun together! It was a fun afternoon for all. We stayed till about 1:45 and then cleaned up and got ready to come home for naps. As soon as we got home the girls crashed fast and Reed had some rest time in my room with books. I finished cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast, folded some clothes, and started another load of laundry. I then began to work on those dresses for the girls!

Trying on the new cow hats

Around 4/4:15 Reed was asking to come out from rest time, so I let him come down in the playroom while I tried to continue the sewing. One dress done, and started another---shoo why do I do this to myself?! Emery-Claire came down around 4:30, and they both had a snack and "played" a game---not much of a game (except for made up rules) when you are 4 1/2 and 3! I think it ended up being closer to 5 before I went to get Mary Etta--I think she was still asleep, I think all that swimming this afternoon wore her out! They all played and I checked the computer while we debated what to do for dinner. I had planned on leftovers but we scratched that and ended up going to Chick-Fil-A for kids night. We got there close to 6 and ate, did the crafts. They have the cow walking around on kids night, and they love it! Well, Mary Etta loved him one minute and the next was crying saying "I sared!" (scared) funny! Right about 7ish when we were about to leave it had started downpouring, and was so windy! We waited it out for a bit while they continued to do their crafts longer, and finally Casey just went to get the car and pull up and we all made a run for it!
Enjoying his Chick-Fil-A, and we even got the cow in the background-ha! Oh and yes he is wearing a KY shirt (I do realize that). Only the girls can be TN fans....Casey says Reed must be a GA football fan, but they like to cheer for KY basketball--so hence the shirt!

We got home about 7:30 or so, and realized the power was out. The rain had stopped and there were never any thunderstorms really, but I guess all the wind had knocked over a power line. We had cow hats they had given us (tomorrow if you dress like a cow you get a free meal), so I think they were giving "cow apparel" to all the kids. So they all had fun wearing their cow hats and mooing at each other. Mary Etta kept carrying her baby around in blankets saying "baby seeping" (sleeping), while wearing her toboggan.

The power came back on about 8:15 and everyone was off to bed! Now some time to pick up and get things together, as well as maybe try working on that other dress!

One dress is done......

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A day in the life-Wednesday

I can't believe I've made it blogging this for the 3rd day in a row! I don't know how people blog long posts daily on some of those really looked at blogs---either I'm slow or this is just really time-consuming! I was going to try and finish these dresses for the girls that I started in June and have yet to finish them. Oh well, it's been good to look at our days & I know I'll be glad to look back and see how we spent them--craziness and all!

So now onto our day! My alarm went off at 6 this morning; and again I hit the pavement for a run. I put on the ipod listening to my Jean Larroux sermon--not sure if I've mentioned him before. But I first heard Jean preach probably almost 10 years ago when he was still at Independent Presbyterian in Memphis. Then several years ago we had a missions conference at our church and Jean was the speaker for the weekend---ever since then I've been following him and listening to his sermons when I can. He really keeps your attention and tells such great stories, which while running is a must for me if I'm not listening to music! But more importantly he can preach the Gospel! I had intended to stretch my run to 4 miles today, but the humidity got the best of me. So it ended up being more of a 3-3 1/2 mile run.

Taken by Reed--our little photographer

I ran into some neighbors when I got back and chatted for a bit, so it was about 7:30 when I walked in the door. Shortly after that Reed & EC came downstairs. I made some oatmeal (or "oatmilk" as EC calls it) and while it was cooking emptied the dishwasher. Mary Etta was up shortly after that at close to 8, so she came down to join us all for breakfast. Casey left on his run shortly after I got home. So I sat down with the kids and we actually read our devotional for the morning (during the school year we usually read from the Jesus Storybook Bible daily, but I've slacked with our crazy schedule this summer). Then we worked on a few of the catechism questions we typically do as well. It's amazing how these little minds are such sponges and retain so much information, especially little Mary Etta!

After breakfast we quickly cleaned up and headed upstairs to dress for swim lessons and brush teeth/fix hair/wash faces, etc. I let the kids all play after they were ready and I quickly got dressed and ready--as I had packed up all our stuff to go swimming at the Y after we finished up swimming lessons for the day. So right before we were about to get in the car my friend called and said that the chemicals in the pool were off and they were having to cancel lessons for the day, as it was unsafe for anyone to be in the pool. So now we had at least an hour or so before we could leave for the Y--as it doesn't open till 11. So we did some playdoh and colored some, until about 10 when I let them have a snack and watch about half of Sesame Street. I worked on some loads of laundry.

We then got in the car and headed to the Y. On the way we had to make a stop so I could return something. The kids had so much fun swimming, and really wear themselves out! It was fun as we saw some friends there and were able to swim with them and visit! We ended up leaving about 1:30--perfect timing as it started thundering and sprinkling.

Break time at the pool, enjoying her snack

We got home a little before 2 and the girls crashed for naps quickly, as Reed read books in rest time. I left about 2:15 for a much needed pedicure! Ahhh it was so nice and relaxing! I had taken a book and some magazines to read, but thought I might fall asleep, so I just ended up sitting and relaxing! On my way home I stopped at Panera for some tea to boost my late afternoon sleepiness, and a couple cookies for the kids after dinner dessert.

Love a fresh pedi!

I got home and worked on some more loads of laundry; and I'm sure checked emails, blogs, etc. I really try and limit the computer time to brief couple times within the day, but some days I do better than others--and I think I mainly end up using it when I'm procrastinating what I know I need to do when I really don't want to do it! Reed was up and playing in the playroom, then shortly after I was home EC came downstairs. I gave them a snack and before I knew it it was already almost 5--and we still hadn't gotten up sweet Mary Etta!

Casey took them all 3 outside while I started dinner. It started sprinkling again so that only lasted about 15 minutes. We let the big 2 do some coloring, while Mary Etta went to her room for some room time--she is very eager to do this because she can play so well in her crib and LOVES to have the music on to listen too! About 6 dinner was ready--spaghetti with red/meat sauce, bread (none for me), and sauteed squash and zucchini. Then Casey and I quickly cleaned up the dishes and we went on a family walk around the block. They all 3 walked instead of pushing anyone in the stroller, and I think it tired them out quickly! Well, Mary Etta still needed carried some of the way.

Fun in the tub!

We got home and all 3 got in the tub for baths, quickly we washed them, and got them dried and dressed, teeth brushed, and in the bed a little after 8! Then I still had some things to clean up and straighten, and work on some more laundry. And maybe see what I can get done of these dresses--maybe I'll post a picture tomorrow! And then off to bed!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A day in the life-Tuesday

My alarm went off at 6:15 again....only time of the day I can exercise (unless we go to the Y) and have quiet time with the Lord. Usually it ends up being listening to a sermon while I run. But today I got up to do my Pure Barre video. If you've never heard of PB you should totally check it out! I've been to a live class once, but this summer while at project, and when I can't get to the Y, I've been trying to do my video. The classes are not cheap (usually $20/class; or you can buy packages in bulk--but they still end up being not much less than $18/class). So I've opted for the video, unless some great special comes along---and occasionally I get emails of specials. But it works small muscle groups, and it is really hard! After my first hour class I was sore for almost 3 days!

After my workout, I briefly was able to check emails, and then about 7:15 Reed and EC came downstairs, so our day began! Casey was up early and out of the house too--as he had some business matters to attend to for the day. He has actually has been running some in the mornings--yes, running! He has decided he wants to be more in shape I suppose? After his years of athletics (he played basketball in college, and is just an all around athlete)--but he was burned out after college and really has had spurts of exercise since we've been married, but he may actually seem most serious this time around. He likes to have goals, something to challenge him, so he says he'll run a marathon. And he is such a go-getter so I wouldn't put it past him to do just that!

Before swimming lessons--this is actually one day last week, but hey it's still getting ready to go to swim lessons!

I fed the kids eggs and cereal, while I quickly jumped in the shower. Then as soon as I got out I heard Mary Etta, she didn't sound too happy so I'm assuming she'd been awake for awhile! So i quickly put on clothes and ran up to get her so she could have her breakfast--at about 8. Today was the start of week 2 of swim lessons (yesterday we were off due to the holiday). So we had about an hour to get us all ready. I quickly got ready and then helped them all get dressed, teeth brushed, hair fixed (girls), snacks ready for after swimming, dry clothes packed, etc. So a little after 9 we all hoped in the car and off we went!

Today at swim lessons EC's instructor was still out of town so she had a sub. She was not at all happy about this. Last year she had no fear with the water, this year is the complete opposite! She has finally warmed up to her instructor after several days of lots of crying, and she wasn't at all thrilled her teacher was not there today. So she spent most of the time on the side wall just kicking; I think the last 5 minutes the instructor finally got her in the water!

Waiting on Ms. Suzi for the girls hair. I had to take all 3, but they really did well!

We changed after swim lessons, and then were off to take the girls to my hair dresser. As you've seen we have some very curly locks in our house! Emery-Claire has had her hair cut twice---once at about 18 months (very minimal trim of her "mullet" hairdo) by my current hairdresser, and then last summer when she turned 2 by another hairdresser---I was not at all happy as the girl butchered her hair! It looked awful!! So I've never had it trimmed since, and of course Mary Etta has never had hers trimmed either. They did so good waiting, Emery-Claire was a bit worried that "Ms. Suzi" would use the hairdryer on her. Suzi is so sweet and gentle with them, she basically looked them both over and said at this point I just really need to grow out their hair more. She barely took off a few rugged edges on EC hair, but didn't at all touch Mary Etta's. She said curly hair is "work" for sure, I just have to keep wetting, geling, scrunching--all I'm doing now. I tell you what I have high maintenance hair as well, so fixing all 3 of our hair--well it's a chore indeed!So after we left the hair place we went to grab lunch---Panera! The kids were all very excited. Usually we do Chick-Fil-A, but we did that a couple times last week and I just needed something different. Plus they ate some snacks while we were at the hair place so I figured I could get a yummy, fresh salad and give them bagels and they'd be happy! After we left Panera I was going to take them to the grocery store---not my favorite activity to do with 3 small children, but I do it when I have to. But thankfully Casey had called and was home so he said to bring them back so I could go by myself.

Enjoying some Panera

So after dropping them off I grabbed my shopping bags, and realized I needed to run a couple other errands along the way. Wouldn't you know it started downpouring right when I needed to get out of the car! I thought it would pass quickly, but it ended up lasting almost 40 minutes! I had to run to the library, pick up something at the mall, run by another little children's shop, and return something to Target. Now finally at the grocery store I grabbed what I needed and rushed back home, so I was home a little before 4--whoo, what an afternoon!

The big 2 kids had not taken naps (usually Emery-Claire does, but apparently she was in a playing mode today and did not!) I realized I had forgotten stamps so I quickly put the big 2 in the car to run to the post office to get some stamps; while Casey stayed at the house with Mary Etta still sleeping and he was cleaning his car. When we got back they had a little snack, and I began prepping our dinner. After Mary Etta was up at about 4:45, they all were asking to go run in the sprinkler. Casey was sweet and kept them outside for about 45 minutes while I was able to start supper and clean up the kitchen (that had never been cleaned up from this morning!) The kids came in about 5:30 and we let them watch a little video till we ate a little after 6--I still was picking up and tidying; our house seemed to be a disaster for us not being here much today!
Fun in the sprinkler! (also from a couple days ago, but they looked the same today!)

We all ate some baked chicken breasts, fresh cooked green beans from the Farmer's Market on Saturday, salad, and some Annie's mac and cheese--well Casey and the kids did, I'm trying to watch the carb/gluten products lately! Then after supper we both cleaned up while they played in the playroom. Casey needed to run a quick errand and took EC with him--she loves going on outings with her daddy! So I got Reed and Mary Etta dressed for bed and brushed teeth--then we read a few books. Everyone was in bed by 8ish. I think they all crashed fast, especially the big 2 who didn't nap today!

Ahh so finally a quiet house! I'm enjoying some computer time now and may work on a couple small projects before heading to bed! I can't believe I've documented all this the past 2 days; it is a little tedious, but I know I'll enjoy reading it down the road. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 4, 2011

A day in the life-Monday & Happy 4th!!

So I saw on another blog how a mom was doing "a day in the life" for a week. It seems to be that this season with young children is passing too quickly, so this is one way to capture some detailed memories of this sweet time. So I thought for Monday-Thursday I'm going to try writing down all the details of our week. I realize this is probably really boring to anyone reading this, but I'm hoping in years down the road when no one is younger than 5 or 6 (and school age, teenagers, adulthood, etc.) I can look back and really remember what our days were like during this time.

My alarm went off at 6:15--at some point in the night (I think due to a thunderstorm and neighbors shooting off some fireworks) Emery-Claire woke up and was scared, so after a couple of attempts of putting her back to her bed she just ended up finally in ours. So I tried to very quietly exit our bed so I wouldn't wake her. I then dressed and got ready for my morning run. So I hit the pavement and ran about 3 1/2 miles.

Fun in the rocking chair on the front porch

When I got back the house was still quiet (so nice and refreshing) at 7:20. So I put a load of towels from the washer to the dryer. Then sat down to check some email and balance the checkbook. Then at about 7:40 EC woke up, and laid on the couch with me while I finished the checkbook. Time for breakfast now at a little before kids wake up hungry, and are ready to eat! So we went into the kitchen to make some oatmeal, and a little "green lemonade" juice. Reed was up shortly after that, and Mary Etta slept till 8:45! Sometimes that little girl can sleep in--so nice! While they ate breakfast I cleaned up the kitchen and emptied the dishwasher. Then they played in the playroom while I changed out some laundry. We all went upstairs to get dressed, then put away clean clothes, made beds and picked up and organized up there (what had seemed to be a mess for the past week!) They love turning on music---especially Mary Etta. She is constantly asking for it, saying "singing?" So she loves to just even sit in front of CD player and attempt to sing the few words she can get out with the tune. I keep the CD player in the bathroom so it's in between both of their rooms. So at one point she wanted to climb up on my lap with her blanket while we sang together. It's so sweet, and she is so happy and full of smiles. She was so cute as she'd adjust the volume and say "soud" (for loud). Speaking of blanket, it has become a big security lately. It was building to be over the past couple of months (and it's this hot fleece/thick blanket--but she doesn't care here in the heat of the summer). Last week (Wednesday night I believe) we decided it was time to take the paci away. She has been our biggest paci child for sure! Reed loved his, but I was more on the ball and took it away at about 18 months. But ME I have let it linger longer, b/c A)she loves it so and it seems such a security and comfort to her; and B)I was so afraid she wouldn't sleep! (since she has been our most crazy sleeper of all 3). But she really has done fabulous! The first night she went right to sleep--not a cry or anything and slept all night! And the other couple nights/naps she asked for it some and whimpered some, but easily still went onto sleep! So success I suppose! I guess she is officially weaned from the paci! She still mentions it some, but there have been no huge fits or meltdowns at all!

After we were done upstairs we came down to the playroom for a little snack and the end of Sesame Street. While they were watching & eating I was cleaning up and organizing the bathroom downstairs. Lots of organizing and putting away today, as I have gotten really behind since we got home last Sunday from project. Last week was so busy so it was taking me forever to get caught up it seemed! After SS was over, and they did watch another 30 minute show (since we only saw the last 15-20 minutes of SS) we went outside on this cloudy but still muggy day to play for a bit. Then we came inside again and they looked at books while I got lunch ready. This is the 4th of July.....and I know it seems most people have parades and such to go to. Unless I didn't look into this enough the only one I saw was downtown and it was at like 2pm?! That is not the greatest time for us, so we obviously will not make that parade. I think my kids would love a parade. I'm sure there was something smaller also somewhere around here, but I didn't really look that hard into it, so our day is really going pretty routine until our plans later today.

Looking at books before lunch

After lunch we all got on the couch and read some books together. At least Reed & EC, Mary Etta only sits still for books very briefly--and with ones she really likes/wants! Then about 1:30 it was rest time. The girls both napped in their rooms, and Reed in our room looking at books. He rarely falls asleep anymore. So I make him stay in there to read quietly. So I can get some things done! I was able to clean the bathrooms. I also made a pot of coffee (I know crazy time of day, but I never had any this morning and was craving some!) while I sit down to do some computer time and pay bills and organize for my week (menu/grocery list/to do, etc).

I let Reed get up to do some puzzles, color, and have a snack about 3ish; so I could keep doing my other "to dos"....that I was apparently so behind on b/c it was taking forever! EC was up by a little after 4, and I think we had to wake up Mary Etta a little before 5! I quickly jumped and showered off (since I had yet to do that from that morning run--unfortunately this is often the case alot of days!) I grabbed the pool bag and other necessities (while Casey loaded everyone up), and we were able to leave a little after 5 to head to a friend's house for swim and cookout.

Happy 4th!!!
or 4th of the live! (as EC has been saying!)

So everyone had been swimming earlier in the afternoon, so we didn't end up swimming. Reed was really disappointed when we left as he was asking the whole time in the car and on the way home, and while we were there (poor guy was so sad we weren't swimming). But they did have fun playing with a few new friends while we were there. We probably stayed a couple hours, then could tell we reached our limit and needed to head home. So I let them play outside for about another 20-30 minutes then off to the tub--where Casey & I both quickly tag teamed washing/drying/dressing/brushing teeth of all 3. Everyone was in bed by 8:30. I know it's 4th of July, but they are little and tired from a long day, so it's so hard to keep them up to see some maybe in a few more years it will seem easier to do things like that, but right now it is just too much work! And not to mention I think EC would be really scared of the noise, as the past couple nights you can hear people setting them off and she wakes up and comes downstairs crying because she is scared.

Fun outside before bed!

So now Casey and I will enjoy our evening---well, until all these people around here start setting off fireworks. Oh and here is EC crying already. We tucked her into our bed (and can hopefully mover her later--somehow our bed is more comforting and she falls right to sleep!) So now a quiet house! And soon I'm off to bed to start over and do it all again tomorrow! Hope everyone had a great day celebrating our country's birthday!