Friday, March 27, 2009

This week.....

It hasn't been too eventful here around the Willis household. Casey is still healing with lots of physical therapy (about 3xs a week) from his knee surgery last week. Some days it seems to fatigue him more than others. I haven't even taken many pictures this week, except for a few today. No reason, just occupied with other things to "get done" I suppose. We had some fun eye conjunctivitis earlier this week, oh that was fun putting drops into Reed's eyes.....what a treat! And I guess I've been occupied trying to finish up some projects...curtains in the dinning room, the curtains for Emery-Claire that I planned to make months ago, but never did since I knew we were moving, and last but not least I'm trying my hand at a smocked dress for EC. At first I was feeling I was way in over my head, but we'll see in the end how it may turn out. Who knows?! It may be the beginning of more, or it may turn out to be the first, and last one! I've definitely had my share of frustrations with it along the way. Now for some cute/fun kid things from this week....

Reed said he wanted to "hug her" and went over to give EC a big hug as she was playing in her exersaucer.
We've officially mastered pulling to stand, oh boy! And if I hadn't reported she is officially crawling all the time on all 4s now, no more army crawl. She started pulling up over the weekend and is doing it all the time this week! She is definitely so proud of herself! Oh and we have a word! Seeing that it seemed forever for Reed to imitate anything, I was very surprised to see this girl imitate so soon...."uh-oh" has been heard alot this week. It's so cute, maybe I can try and capture a video of it.
And last, but not least, our little scripture memory boy. We've been working through some verses (via the ABCs--thanks to my friend Rebekah!) and also on some of the Children's Catechism questions. He seems to love this one.....
Acts 16:31--"Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved!"
I hope it sounds ok, his little voice sounds so sweet saying all the words!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The envelope, please......maybe??

Well, I suppose it's time to update everyone on the status of "the envelope". I know many of you have known we had the ultrasound results sealed in an envelope and were waiting to open them. My preference and desire was just to "not know" til July. My husband, on the other hand, was dying in anticipation to "know" what baby #3 was going to be! I have to admit that I gave in last Friday (yes, I know it's been a week and I'm just now posting about it). I think I wanted to pretend we still didn't know, when in fact he was not at all into the "waiting to know" as I was. And honestly it was taking the fun out of it to constantly be asked to let him see the results. So I felt it was time in all fairness to not keep him "tortured" over the unknown. So...............we did open it last Friday and it said............."GIRL!!"
Now I say all this hesitantly, because maybe it still will be a surprise. The pictures the tech gave us, well, I didn't feel they looked as clear as Emery-Claire's were last year. So I don't know I'm convinced she got a good picture of the gender area. But I know they do this daily and know what they are looking at, so more than likely I do feel it probably is a girl (as days before opening the envelope I really began "having that feeling".) And my best friend from high school, who is my exact age, got pregnant when I did, is also having I just got that "feeling". But all in all we could still be "surprised" in July I suppose if the tech was not accurate in her picture taking. But I honestly am happy and content no matter what she/or he possibly is, just as long as we know they are healthy and growing strong!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sweet, dear friends

This week one of my very dear friends was in town for a visit. Kathy and I met right before we both had our first babies, and seemed to connect right from the start. Over the next year and a half we grew closer and would get together for play dates and our weekly bible study. Last April (almost a year ago) she moved, way too far away. I was so sad to loose what had become one of my best friends since college. As far apart as we are we have amazingly remained close and stay in touch weekly. I do miss seeing her and getting to "do" more daily life with her, but I'm still so thankful for her encouraging friendship even if it is miles away over the phone. We had a great visit, despite the chaos of the little people in our lives! It was so good to see her the past few days and I'll look forward to the next time we get to visit again!

We were excited to finally meet sweet baby Isabel. Like their older siblings, Emery-Claire and Isabel are close in age, about 5-5 1/2 months apart.
Kathy thought it would be best to only travel with one little one (and I can totally relate). But Reed enjoyed "Miss Kafy" as he called her. We were sad to miss little Addison, his first little friend.
Little miss enjoying her lunch! Always such a happy girl!
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Such a big girl!

Well, I loved reading the different opinions of those of you who chose to respond to the last post (but I know ALOT more of you read it and just didn't respond!) If anyone has any thoughts still I'd love to hear them. As of today the envelope is still sealed! Though I almost gave in and gave to Casey last night, as he really is not enjoying the "waiting" as I am.....which really takes the fun out of it when you both aren't on board. So if we can at least keep it "special" for our alone weekend next weekend I figure we've done well. Though I so badly want to wait, but I don't want to make him miserable in agony for another 4 months either. So we'll see how it continues to go.......

Now for my intention of posting, our girl is continuing to grow more and more! We were excited a couple weeks ago at her 9 month appointment that she had gained weight since the 6 month appointment (we were really concerned with her weight and overall slower pace of development due to her decreased weight gain)...but we are up to 16 lbs., 3 oz.--yeah for her! She is still not quite average (10th percentile) but we were glad to know she's making some progress. She loves her bottles but is definitely going to be a much pickier eater than her brother I do believe.

Happy girl posing on the tricycle with Daddy, she is definitely becoming more of a daddy's girl these days....she lights up to see him (and of course her brother too)!
Playing in brother's room as content as ever when she is in there. For some reason she loves his room!
Tried to get a picture of the two of them but Reed just practically jumped right in front of Emery-Claire. He is always very eager to "look at it" when I'm using the camera to take his picture.
So proud of her as she is really trying to crawl so much more, on her belly still, but occasionally she will get on all 4s to move too. Today (and the past several days) she was moving alot more, just all over the floor in whatever room we were in. She even was side sitting here and would move from sitting to crawling, and then back up to sitting again. Since Reed was such an on the go boy I've just been a little more concerned with some of her development, so when I see her doing these things I think I get more excited than I normally would. We love you sweet girl and are so proud of you!
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Monday, March 9, 2009

The halfway mark

Well, as you find out quickly in pregnancy #3, you hit the halfway point alot sooner than you realize. Yesterday I hit the 20 week mark! Didn't I just discover I was pregnant yesterday??!! Apparently not, since this has come so much faster than the second time, and of course all you moms out there know that the first time drags on forever!! So today was the big doctor appointment, with ultrasound and all. Seeing that I'm such a planner and want all in place, in line and ready, most of you would probably be shocked that this time around I really don't want to know the gender of baby Willis #3. Now if I had 2 boys or 2 girls, I'd be dying to know, but since we have each is there really in need to know (not that the other ones "had" to be known either, but I just couldn't stand "not knowing"). But my husband on the other hand, he "can't stand" not knowing any of the times. So as of today our plan was....I go and he keeps our other small children, and have the tech "seal" the big news in an envelope for us to open together at some other special appointed time. I get more nervous at these appointments praying our baby is developing normally, and all looks good. So to look away as the tech looks at the gender, well, I was really fine "not knowing". So for now the wanted information is hidden away---not sure how long Casey will wait. For now I have him waiting for our special alone weekend coming up and hoping if he waits that long, maybe he'll realize it's not so bad to keep waiting. But I'm also not expecting that my desired outcome be his desired outcome, so I'll be ok at least somewhat creating a special memory of how we "found out" what baby #3 was---which makes it being either of the gender we already have a unique situation of his/her own!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Outside fun!

Studying the ball.......

and slamming the ball!

Yes, we actually hit 60s up here today--whoohooo! So this is my 3rd post in a row, but had some cute ones to put on here. Reed played outside for about an hour or so after lunch before nap. It was so much fun watching him thoroughly have a ball in our great new backyard! He was muddy, dirty, and all boy for sure!

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Do you see it?!

If you have to click on the picture to blow it up, but hopefully you can see that bottom, middle tooth--the first one finally appeared last Wednesday! Yes the Willis children are late teeth getters (if that is a phrase??). But at least Emery-Claire has one here at 9 months, Reed's first one didn't appear til 10 months!
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Giggling girl!

Thought you grandparents out there would appreciate the sheer joy of sweet baby girl laughter as her daddy tickles her belly! And anyone else that chooses to watch our video as well. You probably hear Reed in the background laughing as well, he thought this was hilarious!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our little gymnast!

Walking on the balance beam all by himself!

Getting ready to do his forward flip on the bars.

The "horsie" as they call it, is so fun to bounce on the trampoline with!

Of course jumping on the trampoline is loads of fun, and the most favorite activity we talk about all week!

Today was the second to last session for Reed's 10 week gymnastics adventure! This was a wonderful Christmas gift from Gigi and Nana this year, and I think he has thoroughly enjoyed it! I'm sure he'll be sad he no longer gets "Tuesday, go to gymnastics" as he asks for it often throughout the week. We've had a great time, with some bumps and bruises along the way--but what else can one expect with a very active and on the go 2 year old boy! Today I brought the camera to try and capture some fun times during his class--both video and pictures. And a perfect day to do so since we were the only ones who showed up, so Ms. Kristy let Reed just play and do all the fun things he loves to do every week!

Here are some videos from today too.....
Above is Reed on the bars doing his "walk up and flip", and below is his cartwheel, with a little added front roll!