Friday, August 16, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

Waking up to have her chocolate birthday doughnut....of course you have to blow your candle not only on your cake but your doughnut too! She is very intently blowing that candle out!

So several weeks ago (well I guess really it's been a month now) our baby girl turned 4 years old!! How is she 4?! I think we did our best and easiest party ever.....thanks to some sweet friends we were able to host a family get together at their pool and basically have the place to ourselves! It was like a private party! She had the best time, as did all who came. We kept it small with just a few of her sweet little buddies......they barely came out of the water to eat and sing happy birthday with her cake and ice cream! Too bad all our birthdays aren't summer birthdays....b/c I think I'd seriously do this for them all!

 Sweet friends!

Friends and their siblings to sing her happy birthday!

love this one.....such joy

sweet of friends

 My big girl

ahh love these sweet kiddos! such all sweet friends!

our brave girl....she really is fearless.....she'd totally jump off this diving board without her vest despite the fact that she really can't quite swim yet!

so excited she got her skinny scooter like her big sister and brother now!

 our baby girl is growing up! love our sweet Mary Etta Caroline!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

8 months

Last week this baby turned 8 months old!

8 months of this sweet thing! How has it been 8 months?!! She is growing by the minute I do believe!
She is pushing up on her hands and sometimes on her knees. She often pushes herself with her hands or rolls and we find her under something or on different spot on the floor from where we left her.......guess she's been doing this for the past month now.  No real crawling yet....but I know it's only a matter of time and this girl will be on the move!

happy, happy, happy girl

Serious girl.....

 Lots of vocal babbling......I think we'll have 3 chatty girls around here before we know it! Baabaabaa is her favorite sound these days.

She can sit up without support briefly.....often quickly falling backwards or to the side like this......

She loves grabbing and holding and toys.....exploring so many things all around her.

This big brother is probably one of her favorite people.....she sure does adore playing with him as much as he adores playing with her.....

We sure love you little Maggie are the easiest baby and so full of joy and happy all the time! You make having baby #4 seem like a walk in the park--we are ever so thankful for this precious girl!