Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break

So this week has been spring break.....however much a couple days of preschool are in need in spring break, right?! But regardless, it was just a break in normal weekly routine. So we tried to find some fun and different things to do this week.

Last weekend we had a visit with my mom as Emery-Claire performed in her 2nd ballet recital. She was so excited to have her Gigi come and watch her dance! We were so proud of her.

So proud of my little ballerina!

EC with her class of ballerinas!

We spent some time in the Chick Fil-A playplace---Monday morning we went for breakfast and Thursday we went for lunch; twice I know, but a break in the routine. Mornings are great there b/c there really aren't any kids! Towards the end of the week it started raining and got chilly---so we spent the past couple days in pjs kinda long and dancing some ballet!

Tuesday we planned an Easter egg hunt with lots of friends! We went to our friends' house who have lots of land to hunt! It was lots of fun, beautiful weather, and so many friends! As you can see from the above picture (and I have about 6 or 7 of these random group shots) but this was the best "group" picture we could get of kids ranging baby-8 year olds!

Mary Etta and her little buddy Caroline all ready to go hunt for some eggs!

Hunting, hunting, hunting!

Seriously the best picture I got of all 3.....oh well. As soon as they sat down with their buckets of goodies they couldn't stop eating all that candy! Glad we'll do another hunt tomorrow after our Easter lunch!
Everyone LOVED sitting in the jeep; and they got a little patriotic with their flags!

A fun spring break I think. We all said after the egg hunt we definitely need to make an annual event! I think all had a great time playing in the Lee's wonderful big backyard, hunting for eggs, and having a picnic lunch! Definitely the highlight of our spring break week! Can't believe tomorrow is Easter.......hope everyone has a blessed day with friends and family. Such a blessing and privilege to be celebrating the resurrection of our precious Savior!

"And now, what is my hope? O Lord, my hope is in you." Psalm 39:8