Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Last Weekend...

we enjoyed LOTS of sunshine! Mary Etta LOVED being outside in her exersaucer!
Have been wearing our bunny shirts. The first picture is this year; the 2nd is last has she changed! My girl is getting so big!

Climbing trees at the park with friends! Luke and Reed are in the same class at school (a.k.a. Mom's Day Out). So we met them at the park last Friday for a picnic and some fun play time!
Someone LOVED climbing and sliding......can't tell who that would be???
Riding bikes and having some suckers---thank you Daddy! Reed FINALLY has mastered riding his bike (or tricycle) and actually is peddling--yeah! EC is only sitting on it above, she obviously does not reach the peddles quite yet. And below Reed even rode it briefly down the street when we took a walk. He is so proud!

All 3 munkins riding in the jogger for a family walk---it does hold all 3!

And cheesing it for a photo for mom!
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

This little girl.....

.....turned 8 months old on Tuesday (3/16). She is really developing into her own for sure these days--though I can't really imagine our family without her! Now that EC is about 2 months away from turning 2 (how has it been 2 years already?!!)--this would be when a normal person would begin thinking about another baby in the family---well, we have one, she's just already 8 months old! And a sweet, sweet girl she is! I know this is not our usual 8 month photo....I haven't had a chance to do my "usual" photo shoot, enjoying our beautiful warm weather and all! So I may post later 8 month details, as I'm off to work on more dresses for the girls. I plan was to have them for Easter, doubt that will happen---but at least for spring pictures and matching spring/summer dresses to wear! Hope everyone else is enjoying this wonderful weather!
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Special Visitors

Sweet Mary Etta took to Nana very quickly....they very much enjoyed being with one another!

We've had lots of special visitors lately.....a.k.a. aunts/uncles and grandparents! So much so that Reed keeps asking who is coming next....specifically he asked today where Grandpa and Grandma were---so if you all are reading this I think that means your grandson is ready to see you too!
Reading the "Piggies" book (EC's favorite lately) with Aunt Nee-Nee
Of course they loved having Gigi here, even though the visit was short! Best picture I could get with 3 busy little ones!
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Our fun in the sun!

Finally! Some warmer weather around here and we can actually play outside--yeah! That is all we've done today...and now all are resting at naptime (I think sleeping very well since they wore themselves out playing so hard before and after lunch!)

LOVED running down the hill! She would say "Ready...go!" and take off down the hill!

First swing ride! I know she looks very serious here, but she did smile and love it....she didn't take much of a morning nap today so she was getting very sleepy outside as she watched the big kids play! Ok, off to go do some more productive things while I have the chance!
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some things we love....

March!!!! Yeah! We are so happy it's March....though up here in the Bluegrass....we won't be surprised if we see more snow--ugh! But at least maybe we'll have some warm days ahead to look forward to and actually some outside play time, how wonderful that would be! By the way, the above picture of Mary Etta she has on the turquoise overalls...those were mine and my sisters when we were cute (and we loved to dress our dolls in them....which was where my mom found them in the doll collection!)
Cute baby girls! Oh I could just eat up those sweet cheeks.....she is so sweet! And I love her in this outfit, that is quickly getting too small......we definitely have a growing girl on our hands!

Hairbows....though we don't keep them in for very long periods of time.....any tricks, suggestions out there????
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