Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Love that smile!

I'm learning to dribble that basketball........
Daddy and I played a little "one-on-one!" I think I can beat him!

Well, again it's been pretty cold and blah outside. One day was slightly warmer (if you consider mid 40s warm), so we did get to bundle up and walk for a little bit. We've been playing in the rice bucket, playing basketball, went to our first storytime at the library......Reed has also learned to run, so now he is running all over the house! Last week he turned 16 months old, and it just seems to fly by! He also has been giving us kisses, it is so sweet! Everyday is something fun and new; he truly is the sweetest and most fun little guy!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fun Times Inside

My play date with my friend Eleanor Lee. Sometimes we wanted to play with the same toy. I really liked watching her big sister Caroline!

Playing with my toys, INSIDE, as it is only 17 degrees outside!

As you can see the pudding tasted soooooo good!

Since it's been so cold this week we tried to come up with some new fun things to do inside! We went to the library one day, tried a Kindermusik class (which we may wait on to join later when I don't run around the room so much), made playdough one day (as seen earlier in the week), painted with pudding, had a play date one day.......whew! We even found some toys in the basement Momma forgot she had to bring up with that were real fun---the Little People Zoo was one of them. I really like to press the bird's button, and drove Daddy crazy! He is so silly!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Making some playdough

Squeezing and smooshing the playdough was fun!

Today was so cold and snowy outside, so we decided to make some playdough! I loved banging and smooshing the balls that Mama made! At first I wanted to eat it, and cried when she told me "no." But finally I realized how fun playdough is and I ended up having so much fun playing with it!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Reed is going to have.....

Yes, a SISTER! It's a GIRL! We are shocked, or so I am! I totally was so sure it was another boy! But I was apparently wrong and it's a girl! Casey is so excited, and I am too as all the initial surprise and shock wears off. I was so not expecting this that is for sure, but it will be so fun to have one of each! All looked well, so please continue to pray that baby girl Willis (we have no definite name selections yet) will develop healthy! We are thinking this time around we may keep the name a surprise, especially since we ourselves have several we are liking and not 100% sure of yet.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas Time, Fun Time

Ok, now the Willis Family officially has a blog to post fun happenings and events---like the rest of the world!

Thought we'd start with some fun pictures from our Christmas travels to see our families. Reed is now 15 months, and changing so much everyday! He was definitely more fun this Christmas than last year, since he did attempt to open some of the gifts (although he wanted to play with each strip of paper he ripped off in the process).