Thursday, February 18, 2010

7 months too soon!

Rice Mum Mum--yum, yum!!

Yes, again our girl is another month older!! Tuesday, Feb. 16th she turned 7 months old! We are officially past the 1/2 year mark, and definitely making our way closer to the 1-year mark....which I'm content to say is still not that close! She continues to be loads of fun and joy to our very active and busy family! She loves watching her siblings, and it's so fun to watch her and just imagine she is so ready to "join in " all the fun! Though I'm in no hurry for her to "join in" one more mobile child I'm not quite ready to have :)
Some big milestones this month......
  • Sitting up without support; I think my last post I had several pictures of her propped up on her hands and sitting without any assistance--yeah!
  • Eating more and more solids---so far we've tried sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, apples, and the above picture of the dissolvable rice mum mum!
  • Fair sleeper/eater overall.....When she is hungry she takes her time and eats, if she is not in the mood she plays and fights (though that seems to be when she is just being particular b/c she missed a nap or is way too distracted to eat based on her surroundings). I finally just gave up and took a bottle to church today so we didn't have the nursing battle that we've had for weeks there! I guess I thought she'd get over it, but missing that morning nap combined with different place and lots of other nursing moms....well, she wants nothing to do with it there! And as far as sleeping....well, we have had to "wean" her of the swaddle blanket! Oh how easy my belly sleepers were! It's better now a couples weeks into it; but she didn't like it very much for the first week or so. And she actually is sleeping some on her belly too. But sometimes she wakes herself up 1 to 1 1/2 hours into her nap.....not sure why that has come about since I've never experienced that with the other 2????
  • Continues to remain in the 50% for weight--yeah again! Look below at the picture of her and EC side by side....she is so going to surpass her before we know it! For this 6 month appt. she weighed 15lbs., 10oz. (Just 3 months ago EC was only 21 lbs.--and that was only a 1 lb. gain in the course of 3 months too!)
  • Rolling both ways! As we why we had to "wean" swaddling since we found you multiple times face plant down on her belly (from her back where I'd left her to sleep)
  • Loving her toes and always trying to grab at them; as well as anything else she can get her hands on.....especially faces, she LOVES grabbing our faces!
Sweet, sweet Mary Etta! We are so ever thankful for your precious life in our family! Your beautiful smile lights up your whole body, and brings such joy to me as I love to look at it and can never get enough of it! Know how loved you are sweet girl, and how blessed we are that the Lord has entrusted us with your life, and we look forward to continuing to watch you grow and learn most importantly how much He loves you. We love you so much!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Brother/Sister Love!

Big Sister...Little Sister
Look what I can do!
Siblings are a baby's perfect entertainment!

We Love You! Happy Valentine's Day!
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No more snow!

One minute we're laughing over it.......

and the next minute we're crying over it!
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Snow, snow, and more snow!!!!

Ahhh!!! How many snow storms will we have this winter?!!

Oh yes, once again we have woke up to ANOTHER snow storm here in the Bluegrass! I've lost count now, but I know it just makes me long for spring and warm weather! But trying to make the most of it we went out to "enjoy" it briefly....though these snows continue to be the dry/cold ones--so no snowman yet for us! Reed just left with Casey and a student to go on a sledding adventure, so I'm sure he'll love that! I think today we got about 5-6 inches--at least.