Tuesday, July 16, 2013

4 years

So today this baby of ours turns 4 years old.......
2:24pm this sweet girl was born......what a day it was! to say the least we were a little nervous at the fact that we were about to have our 3rd child in less than 3 years?!! (since it was july...we had 2 more months before reed even turned 3 years old?!!) crazy yes....but obviously the Lord's will and plan for our family!

we survived....and 5 months later this was our life......yes the 19 month old is trying to step on the 5 month old.....God gave us grace, much grace! grace towards each other in our marriage, with our children; and it was by Him we persevered!

 and then a little over a year later.....life looked like this.....never a dull moment with these three!

oh boy has this baby girl grown and changed.......such a sweet, sweet, but ever so curious baby girl she is! and sometimes she still is awful curious.....i think this is more her personality
that round little face and those big brown eyes! we sure have been smitten with you! and how fun and thankful that you and your big sister so adore each other! what a  sweet relationship you two have as you really have grown up together!

sweet sisters

of course always a daddy's girl

yes you always find a way to get into something......something you shouldn't, something you're curious about.....but that little cute face....who could resist you!
even this face.....the famous furrowed brow look.....i still occasionally see this look....it's still so stinking cute!

our silly girl

our little fish....you've yet to ever be afraid of the water! you still (whether you have that life vest on or not) will just jump right in!

 you wake up in the morning and this is your attire of choice most days

1st birthday

2nd birthday

3rd birthday

our animal lover

and of course you are the best big sister

 we sure love this mary etta caroline.....thankful for her spirit and love in our family. she gives the best snuggles and hugs....always a big smile for everyone! we love you baby girl! you are a blessing to us indeed!
Happy 4th birthday!

Monday, July 15, 2013

7 months

As usual it is about 2 weeks later I'm finally writing Maggie is 7 months old.....guess it's just remarkable I find time to take a picture much less write a blog post about it-ha!

This little girl continues to be so much fun.....and seriously the easiest baby! Hmmmm wondering if we'll have a different toddler?? Well, regardless......at 7 months she......

**sleeps so good! 2 and sometimes 3 naps a day still
**so I'm experimenting......still no solids yet.......she's happy and full and obviously gaining very good weight, so really with our crazy, busy life I'm in no dire need to spoon feed mushy baby food if I don't have to!
**she's rolling both directions from belly to back and now back to belly.....starting to push up some with her arms. I once saw it look like she was attempting to be on all 4s....but we still aren't there yet
**still needs support when sitting....so haven't mastered that skill either
**is vocal, vocal, vocal! this baby is a chatter box! she loves to yell....it's so funny how loud she can be. and she definitely always is chimming in during our morning bible story reading. the big kids are always saying they can't hear
**gets so excited when she sees any of us....me, casey, siblings....it's so cute! she just smiles and laughs at everyone
**love those sweet little giggles! man can't get enough of them!

 she loves those feet! grabs them constantly

 oh my just love, love, love this sweet thing! so crazy to think last summer at this time we were wondering what she'd be like, look like....and now here we are....7 months later!!!

 first 4th of july at grandpa and grandma's......well not much of a lake day since it down poured rain all day long!

first lake cabin experience....rained quite a bit there too....but she still loved time with Nana and sitting on the deck! and seriously this baby is always so happy....she really smiles all.the.time
oh how we love our little maggie starks.......so thankful for her sweet little life......she continues to be so fun and such a joy!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Strawberries and baseball

So in June 2009 we began our annual strawberry picking at Boyd's Orchard. The kids have always loved and we love the fresh and yummy strawberries! Last year with the dry weather the crops were never very good so we didn't get to go. But we made up and went this year! 

Strawberry Picking 2013

Here is Strawberry Picking 2010

Here is Strawberry Picking 2011
oh my how little are these 2 girls!! Emery-Claire was 3 years and Mary Etta almost 2 years

More pictures from this year's picking..........
 So excited to pick those strawberries!

 Sweet friends......

 I think this is the most they all have picked! As you can see from the previous years all they did was stand there and eat the strawberries!

Rocking and enjoying their treats afterwards!

My berry pickers

So also earlier in June we wrapped up our 2nd season of tee ball....well last year was actually "wee ball"......and next year will be coach's pitch if he wants to play again. Which I'm sure he will because this boy is all athlete! He continues to love all sports! He had fun playing......we didn't have the greatest team as I think they only won 2 games the entire season, but learning the game and having a good time is all that matters!

 Pep talks from coach after the game

2 best little buddies.....they loved playing ball together!