Thursday, October 29, 2009

My girl!

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Just like Momma

My mom recently sent me some of the special baby outfits that we (or at least I in particular) wore as a baby---the favorites that she kept! So I thought it'd be fun to try them on Mary Etta. I wish we had a scanner so I could put the picture of me in them side by side to compare. But it is really neat to see how they have held up over the years and I can put some of these special outfits on my girls (or girl.....I wish I would have thought to do this with Emery-Claire too!)
This yellow one-piece was my "coming home" outfit. It looks so sweet and delicate. Since Mary Etta and I weighed about the same at birth (she was 6 lbs., 13 oz. and I was 6 lbs., 10 oz.) and now she is probably 11 lbs., this must have swallowed me as a newborn! Because it fit her perfectly now!
This sweet little dress was one of mom's favorites she said. I love the little bonnet with it! Mom said I wore this at 6 months, and it was just fitting perfectly on our little 3 month old (the bonnet almost was too small). So needless to say I obviously was a very small 6 month old I suppose! Ahh, she is just too cute!
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin patch, Aunt Nee-Nee, and more!

Reed with Aunt Nee-Nee before their "lunch date." He was so excited to go ride in her car and hang out with her! It was too cute!
This week my little sis, Sarah (or Aunt Nee-Nee as her nieces and nephews call her) was here for a visit. We had such a great time hanging out with her! We were so sad to see her go home today, but were so grateful for her time here with us! Since this week was my birthday (yesterday) she wanted to keep all our kids so Casey and I could go on a long deserved date night. We had a great time going out without the little people (for a yummy PF Changes meal). And my sweet sister went above and beyond in making it a special birthday (she put up decorations and took Reed to pick out a cake). Little sis you are the best! And we are so thankful for you.....we look forward to seeing you again very soon!

We went to the pumpkin patch with Sarah. The kids loved the playground. Above is Mary Etta in the stroller as she too enjoyed her first trip to the pumpkin patch!

Going on a hay ride!

Picking out our pumpkin!
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Saturday, October 17, 2009

One Rainy, Yucky Week

A little tummy time, which has to be watched closely in this house!

oh how we love the brown markers!

This week it's been so not at all seasonal weather up here! It's rained most everyday and been in the 40s---yuck! At least next week we are supposed to have some sunny weather and get back up into the 60s (hopefully we can make our yearly pumpkin patch trip then!) So since we've been couped up so much this week we've tried a few craft activities (but not very successful when one tries to eat crayons/markers/paints...and the other wants his hands wiped immediately once they are dirty). Though he LOVES coloring in the CARS coloring book---but why is it that they always want to use black and brown??? Does anyone know the preschooler fascination with using the dark colored markers which they scribble all over the page/picture and you can't even see the picture that was there to begin with?? Oh well, it is occupying and he loves it, so I suppose it doesn't really matter.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Guess 3 months old today?!

The many faces of Mary Etta!

How is our sweet girl already 3 months old today??!! She is getting so big, too fast! She is cooing/"talking" like crazy lately! And I think I heard a couple laughs in the past couple weeks too! When I finally have given her some tummy time I think she managed to roll over from her belly to back once now! It's hard to do tummy time around here, she might get trampled on or something. I usually have to put her up and away from little hands! She continues to do great sleeping at night, and has been settling so much easier for naps and bedtime this past month as well. She continues to LOVE we have borrowed a nice fleece one from a friend, and she sleeps so wonderfully in it! She definitely prefers it more than the other two ever did (they were both belly sleepers), but not this little girl!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A House Divided!

Yeah--the VOLS defeated the DAWGS!!!
Our own personal TN cheerleader!

Intensely watching the game!!!
In our house when Georgia and Tennessee play, we are a "house divided." So it was the girls cheering for the VOLS and the boys cheered for the DAWGS. Usually it can be a stressful day in watching this game, seriously! My husband does not take this day and this game lightly! He was unfortunately not here to watch his beloved DAWGS be defeated by the VOLS--which was probably a good thing! Don't think he chose not to watch it, he was in a wedding and had "picture duty" during the game of course. But the rest of us watched it and had fun, as you can see from the cheering pictures on both sides. So these were our best attempt at the TN/GA fans side by side in their gear....neither one would sit still for barely 5 seconds for a picture; I guess too excited to cheer!
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Friday, October 9, 2009

A trip to the zoo!

It's been a crazy last couple of weeks.....just taking care of 3 kids under 3 you know?!! Last weekend my mom, Gigi, was here to visit and help out for a few days. So while she was here we thought we'd revisit the zoo. We hadn't been since last year, so it was fun to see both big kids get to enjoy it together! Mary Etta did great and pretty much slept the entire way there and back and while we were there. I know I was kinda worried she'd stay up all night long but she slept as usual! So here are a few pictures from our time there!

Gigi and Reed checking out the elephants! It was nice and cool, perfect fall weather. And a little windy as you can see from the blowing of mom's hair!
Riding the carousel. They both loved it! And the train, as in the picture below.

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