Friday, October 22, 2010


I just LOVE this picture! It truly is one of my favorite ones. We took this when Reed was probably close to 2 months old. How sweet is my boy!!! The reason I put it on here was it really came to mind with something I saw this week (that of course I don't have a picture of). Reed had been playing in his room, and Emery-Claire was in the living room with me (Mary Etta was probably taking her morning nap). We walked back into the bedroom and it was quiet and I saw Reed on his knees with his hands folded propped up against his bed. He was pretty somber looking and I sat next to him and our conversation went like this...
Me: Hey buddy?
R: (he turned very seriously to me)
Me: What are you praying for?
R: That little boy that hit me. (last week at our BSF time Reed was hit in the face by another child. He still has a slight bruise on his right cheek--so needless to say he was obviously hit pretty hard)
Me: What are you praying about for him?
R: I'm praying that he will love me.

Ok so at this moment my eyes are welling up with tears and I'm trying to not spoil this sweet moment by crying like a baby! So I asked if he wanted me to leave so he could finish and he replied "yes". So it was definitely one of those moments, where your heart leaps for joy! I was so excited to see my little guy's tender heart burdened to pray for someone who had sinned against him! I knew that this is only by the Spirit at work in him, sure nothing I have done--as I sure feel all I do is constantly show my sinful, selfish heart to them daily! And lately Emery-Claire is often telling me and pointing out to me "mommy you got angry!" If that's not the Spirit convicting me and calling me out on my sin I don't what is!! So all that to say I hope this is the beginning of many a time I will see my sweet boy on his knees calling out to the Lord, the one who loves, saves, and redeems!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Visit to the pumpkin patch

Mary Etta and I on the hayride....sigh, my baby is getting so big! In just a few days she'll be 15 months old--but she still is "our baby!"

Monday we went with a little playgroup/mom group that we've been getting together with a couple times a month, to a nearby orchard (or pumpkin patch).
We had about 12 kids (and 2 little babies) and about 7 moms--I think a good time was had by all! We got to do a "school tour" so for one flat rate we had lots to enjoy! A little educational information--very brief as most of us were 3 and under! Apple-cinnamon doughnuts and apple cider, a hayride, pumpkin picking, petting zoo and fun time on the playground! Needless to say it was a fun and busy morning! So here are a few pictures from our fun day!
Fun in the petting zoo. Reed LOVED feeding the goats right out of his hand--nice and germy, right?!
Emery-Claire enjoying her doughnut with Joseph

The "big" boys--not really posing for the camera

"I found it!!"

Enjoying the hayride!

(pictures slightly out of order) EC & Elizabeth with their doughnuts

Saturday, October 9, 2010

TN/GA gameday at our house

Here they are happy, to be the "winning" team this year!

We still had some TN cheerleaders to cheer on the VOLS anyways!

Well, as I know I've said before TN/GA gameday is a house divided around here! As I, a strong TN fan, and Casey, a devoted UGA fan, have to cheer against each other! So he gets Reed and I get 2 TN cheerleaders!
So here are some pictures from our gameday....the game is not over yet, but not looking good for the VOLS this season so far. And now I'm updating as we know TN lost to the GA bulldogs (41 to 14) this year :( On this game one of us obviously has to loose, and I can't complain as I believe over the past 6 years we've won 4 out of 6 games!