Sunday, October 13, 2013

10 months

So now we've entered into the double girl turned 10 months (2 weeks ago tomorrow).....that first birthday is approaching closer and closer everyday! I look at a picture of her at 4 months or even 6-7 months and seriously feel like that was yesterday?!! It seems summer was over, and with back to school and all, it's October! She sure is one busy girl these days....who has time to be sentimental over her getting bigger??!! I can hardly find the time to fold a basket of laundry or put some dishes away! Because this girl is everywhere!!

 When she is happy she will giggle and ham it up!

Loving the leap frog table.....she is at this thing constantly if we are in her room! Loves the coffee table in the living room too.....tries to take a few side to side steps (a.k.a. cruising) some too!

And yes.....her hair is definitely growing and we are getting more noticeable curls I believe we will have 3 little curly headed girls around here before long!

She is very much on the move.....we can't take our eyes off her for a second! The upstairs is kinda nervewracking with our very steep staircase. I've caught her too close to it and now been putting up gates or shutting doors to keep her contained! And with wood and tile floors everywhere, poor thing has bumped that head many a times.

Sweet Maggie girl.....oh how sweet and full of joy you are! We sure do adore you as you seem to adore and get so excited to see any and all of us too! We are truly having so much fun watching you grow and learn each and everyday!

We have a popped up bottom tooth finally in the past couple weeks. No wonder we had some really fussy and hard days over the past couple of weeks (though I believe that is in addition to some tummy troubles the poor girl has been having too). I still can't see the tooth but I do feel that sharp little edge popping up on her bottom gum!

LOVE you Maggie! What a blessing you are to us!