Friday, March 28, 2008

Our Silly Boy

Reed loves to play in my tuperware cabinet--so he decided to make one bowl be his hat. He thought it was so funny! So here he is hamming it up for the camera!
Our half family picture from Easter since Casey was so sick that day.
Casey and Reed sitting on his bottom step--a favorite place of his to sit, and as you can see he wanted to sit there alone.
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

18 Months old today......

Along with being Easter Sunday, Reed also turned 18 months old! Wow, 1 1/2 years now! He has changed so much lately! He is saying lots of words---well, approximations of them (such as dog, cracker, cookie, shoes, bath, etc). He tries to imitate so much of what we model for him. It's also funny that I've been trying to get him to use signs since he was 8 months old, and in the past couple of months he uses them all the time! He usually pairs them with his verbalizations---more and please are his favorites. He loves to run now, dances, even tries to snap his fingers to the music--it's so cute! He is such a joy. And I'm hoping with the soon to be addition of his sister and our soon to be move (whenver it finally does happen--nothing official with our house yet) that he adjusts well to all the changes.
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Happy Easter!

Here is a happy picture of our little man---not really from today, but earlier this week. We've had a rough last few days. The stomach bug/virus; whatever seems to stay in our house! These past couple weeks Reed has been on and off sick with fevers, vomiting, etc. The past couple days he's had---fun, fun, diarrhea too! So he's had no desire to eat. Then last night Casey got the throw up bug, whooo, it's non stop sickness around here! But Reed seemed somewhat better this morning, so he and I still managed to make it to church and lunch with friends. Then we came home and he took a nap, and I finally had some rest from my basically restless night as well. Casey seems to be a little better and more alert this evening, so hopefully his too has passed. Hopefully this week everyone will heal and no more sickness will be in the Willis home!
Hope everyone had a blessed Easter celebrating the glorious day our Lord has risen!
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just praying.....and playing.....

Daddy has been teaching Reed how to pray these past few weeks. So it is just too sweet not to capture a video of it! I know the camera doesn't do it justice, it's just not the best quality of filming. But he does say "men" for 'amen' at the end every time he hears "in Jesus name."

This video is really nothing spectacular, but he smiles real big at the camera and I thought it was too cute and that I'd post it anyways. I was trying to get him to say some words, but as you can see he is very busy--as is usual Reed mode!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trip to Knoxville

This week we went to Knoxville while Casey was gone on a spring break trip with students. We kept busy the whole time we were there playing outside in the warm weather and visiting with friends and family. Reed is posing here with his friend, Sadie Parker. She was overjoyed for him to come over and play. I know he doesn't quite look it, he too loved playing with her and at her house--especially diving down her slide!
Nana came up from Blue Ridge to visit one day too. He Reed is getting a ride on the "horsey."
My sister and I thought it would be cute to take the boys' pictures in their matching Easter outfits. After snapping my camera about 30+ times we finally got a few cute ones! These two are some of the better ones.

Reed wasn't too sure about Gigi pushing his cousin, Brody, on the tractor toy he loves! After he got off and Brody got on I almost felt the "no mine" phase could emerge at any moment now.
On another note, Reed turns 18 months this weekend---I can't believe he is 1 1/2 years old now! He got his hair cut today before his Easter pictures tommorrow. He had a hard time sitting still, but overall did great. Then for the first time got some M&Ms that the hair salon had at the front desk as a fun treat at the end. He called them "me." He is really trying to imitate so many words these days--it's so fun! Sometimes when you tell him to do something it sounds as if he is saying "yeah", so Casey is trying to teach him "yes sir", which he attempts--and it's so cute!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Picnic at the park

Eating some lunch at our picnic at the park.
"I can't wait to go and play........."
"Wheeeeee" or "eeee" as Reed imitated when he would swing real high!

Today we went to the park and had our first picnic! It was another warm and spring like day, so we packed our lunch and ate there before getting in some play time. Reed could also see the ducks in the nearby pond and would say "du" as I told him they were ducks. He had a blast climbing up the slide, swinging, sliding, and bouncing on the alligator and jeep.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our Kentucky "Blizzard"

Reed got to experience his first taste of snow today! He loved it! We bundled him up and let him walk around in our 6 inches of snow in the you can see the mittens we put on him didn't last very long. But he didn't seem to care, he loved touching the snow and moving around in it. He truly had a blast! He pretty much cried until calmed down by Elmo (his new favorite thing these days) and a cookie from the oven to enjoy after some hard play in the snow. "Can you believe they made me shovel this sidewalk!"

Oh yes---our latest news! We are moving! As of Thursday our house has been up for sale--no calls during the "blizzard" though. We will be launching a new team with Campus Outreach on the campus of UK this fall, so we obviously want to be close to the campus, and be in Lexington. We are very excited, and very excited to be closer to church and our friends down there! So even though we have been in this house less than a year, we house hop once again to hopefully stay put for awhile. If it works out for us to move before our little gal arrives, great! If not we'll maybe be moving after she is here. We know the Lord will work it out as He knows is best.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Ok, I'm trying my take at downloading our first video--hopefully it works! Obviously we must be on the phone alot, since the little man has figured out how to "answer" the phone, or what he thinks is a phone!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Finally a warm one!

See here I am showing Momma and Daddy the big stick I found.Finally, after getting over my bug---starting Friday and continuing to today---I'm still not up to my complete normal self, but a little better after getting to play outside in the sunshine this afternoon! Daddy and me walked all over the yard picking up sticks, and playing with my ball--it was so much fun! I'm hoping March will bring some more days like this, because boy have we all had cabin fever! But in Kentucky you can't count on anything. Oh, and very excited that the VOLS beat the CATS in Knoxville today 63 to 60--yeah!!!! I held my TN basketball while the game was on.