Thursday, June 12, 2014

18 months

It's really hard to believe our baby girl turned 1.5 years old last week!!! Just starting summer I often feel I was just pregnant with her?! But no, now I realize that was 2 summers ago!

This is girl is growing so fast each and every day!! She is trying to use more words.....her favorites are "daddy" and "shoe" (sue). She also attempts "eee" for Reed, mama, ba (ball), signs more and all done, bye-bye+backward wave, na (nana--banana)....she so full of life and energy! She loves clapping and tries to dance, put her hands together to "pray", she has lots and lots of constant jargon babble. She "yells" at the big kids! She truly is so cute and so so so much fun!!! I want to savor each and every moment where she is because I know in no time it will pass into another season! We love this sweet thing so much! And as busy and on the go as she is we can't imagine not having her apart of our family! Love you sweet Maggie Starks!