Monday, July 28, 2008

The newly Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Goodsell!

This past weekend was my little baby sis, Sarah's wedding. Can't believe she is a married lady now! But we are so excited for her and Rusty. Above is a picture of her, Jess--our middle sister, and Casey at the reception. Ok, I realized when I got home I was kinda sad that I didn't take very many pictures. And those of you reading this who have known me a long time know I usually am camera nazi! I go crazy taking way too many pictures.....but when you are the bridesmaid, have an almost 2 year-old, a 2-month old who is nursing every 3 hours, and a photographer who took every possible picture and pose you could imagine.....well, how could I fit any time of my own to snap some with my camera! I'm hoping I can buy a few from her if they aren't too outrageously here are some of the rest of the good ones I got from the weekend
Jess, our beautiful bride little Sarah (a.k.a. "Nee-Nee" as we call her), me, and Jen (one of my best friends from college, and was my Matron of Honor at our wedding. We said SJ was missing from this picture and we'd have my bridesmaids here!
Dad, this is a cute picture of you and Deb Casey too look very giddy!
Mr. and Mrs. Goodsell off for their was a surprise to her, but Rusty told Casey they were going to Cancun! So fun; that is where we went too!
We had a bridesmaid luncheon Friday afternoon at the Apple Cake Tea Room in Knoxville. Mine was there too, and it is a yummy place!
Emery-Claire and Aunt "Nee-Nee"---such two pretty girls!
Isn't she lovely??!!!! She was such a beautiful bride!
My sweet husband who looked so handsome in his new suit!
Rusty and Sarah eating their cake....aren't they sooooo adorable! Congrats guys, we love you!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

My sweet boy!

Well, since below EC got her 2 month post, I thought I'd share some of Reed! Here he is in Casey's office....I think a while back I posted how he loves to sit with his Daddy and listen to Mac Powell (Third Day); well he still loves it! He will just sit so still and listen to the music, not moving an inch, which is rare for this active little guy! Casey's taught him to be a little charismatic :) ha, ha, as he raises his hands up when Casey says "let's praise the Lord!"
Reed is loving to dance whenever he hears this picture above he is trying to "snap" his's so cute! And I have to brag about his communication.....he is really trying to say so many 2-words lately, yeah! I've heard things over the past week such as: "Mama juice, hot" (for my coffee), "Mama truck!", "bye truck", "big truck", "uh-oh baby", "more straus" (for strawberry)....and truck is really's still a very hard /k/ sound as she draws out "keruck!"--something like that. But I'm so pleased to see him trying to put more words together.....since he will be 2 years old in 2 months!
Sweet kisses from my favorite boy!
First face plant on the concrete today; yes we were getting out of the car from an errand and of course I told him to wait and what does he do....the opposite (shocking for a toddler, right?!) Falls head down on the concrete sidewalk, ouch! He does have a little raised bump and a scuffed up knee too....he cried but calmed quickly when he got his lunch. I told you the boy loves to eat!
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2 Months Old!

Yesterday, July 20th, our sweet girl turned 2 months old! I know I probably say this over and over, but my how it flies by the second time around! Every time she seems to do something new I think, is she just doing this really fast....did Reed do it that soon?! I think having #2 the days do go by so much quicker, you are in the ongoing fast pace of life, so when you waited forever for #1 to the new skill, before you realize it #2 is doing it, and you want to say "'s not time for that already!" Everything she seems to do creeps up on us....I guess because we don't have time to just sit and gaze all day long at her waiting for that new skill to emerge!
So many new things we have seen Emery Claire do in the past month: smile, coo, she loves to talk and smile with us; it's so fun! She is so observant to her environment, looking around and taking it all in!
She also loves watching this colorful mobile! It's funny how I seemed to have forgotten several baby, play gym, etc. And read some sort of article online and realized...oh yeah she'd probably enjoy those things, how could I forget to pull them out?! I'm sure b/c I knew initially she was just sleeping, but now in her awake and alert times, she definitely loves those things to look at and watch.
Friday was EC 2 month checkup....Dr. Simon said she looks great and is growing healthy and strong! I was sure she was over 10 lbs. by now, since at 2 months Reed weighed 12 lbs.,7 oz. (75th percentile) and 23 1/2 inches long (75th percentile).....well, she surprised me by only being 9lbs., 14 oz (25th percentile) and 23 inches long (75th percentile)! He said she was just a long and lean girl; no concerns by her slightly smaller size than brother! I definitely think she has longer legs and arms than Reed did; or either they may just seem that way b/c she is leaner than he was. But she is not as an aggressive eater as him--he was on the dot, to the hour had to eat! She can go 3 1/2-4 hours sometimes in the day, and will go between 5-7 hours at she gets her fill, but I know she is satisfied even though it may seem less than him, and I guess that is the important thing!
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reed/Emery-Claire at 8 weeks

My friend, Emily, thought it would be a good comparison to see Reed and Emery-Claire at the same you all can chime in and tell us how much they look alike or don't....
Above is Reed at 8 really is amazing to see though they do look like brother/sister, you can tell a boy vs. a girl

Emery-Claire this week, now 8 weeks old

So what do you all think?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Wedding weekend

This weekend we had some students get Nana (Casey's mom) and Grant (nephew; Casey's brother's oldest son) came to visit and help with Reed since we had to be gone most of the time with Rehearsal, wedding, etc. Grant is really sweet with Emery-Claire, here he is holding her!
Look at this strong girl, can you believe she's only 7 weeks old!
Casey and Andy Hardin (Andy is now the new campus director for Campus Outreach at Georgetown since Casey is leading the team at UK) with all the Georgetown guys at the wedding.
Reed had a blast with Grant ("Gray" as he calls him)! I think they both enjoyed their weekend together!
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Summer fun

Last week we tried the pool again. They have this really nice family acquatic center built last year here in Georgetown, so I thought we'd try the pool most of you saw from the experience in Blue Ridge and the lake on the 4th Reed wasn't too crazy about the water. We went with our friends, the Hardins. Hannah and Leah are 7 and 5 years, and they LOVE Reed! It's like a beach, so you can stay ankle deep or swim into the deeper areas to actually swim. Reed ended up loving it, and the girls were so great to play with him! So it was well worth it, and I think we'll go some more this summer! It really is neat as they have a lazy river to float down on intertubes, a fort to climb on with water shooting out everywhere, and a really big sprinkler play area too. And it's maybe 5 minutes down the road from us! So we will be back!
Splashing in the water with Leah (left) and Hannah (right).
Fun under the sprinklers!

I thought this picture was just cute from last week of Reed on his tricycle.....he still can't peddle it but loves to push it and sit on it and try to ride it.
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

4th of July Pics

These are the pictures from our big 4th of July day at the lake with my dad and stepmom. We all had a great time, except maybe for later that evening Emery Claire had a rough and very long night! I think we overdid it keeping her out for such a long time....but while we were all there we had a blast! Reed got to experience his first boatride on the big pontoon boat (which he fell asleep for most of the ride since he never had a nap that day).

Helping Grandpa "drive the boat!"
This is a great picture b/c when I was probably 2 or 3 years old we have several pictures of me and my dad riding this same lawnmower (so you can tell how old it is!) I need to find them so I can compare the two...Reed loved this too b/c he loves cars, trucks, anything machinery; he's such a boy!
Not wanting to get int the lake......
Definitely not liking the lake......
Not even the noodle helps.......

Ahhh, much better relaxing in my chair and having a snack!
Love his new hairdo!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Broman!

Today is my nephew, Brody's, first birthday! We had a family celebration on Saturday while everyone was in town. It was so fun to see him and Reed play together. I know as they get a little order they will really enjoy visiting each other and become big buds since they are only 9 months apart!
Here Reed is helping Brody open some presents.
Look at this adorable cake my sister made! So cute! I was so impressed......I'm hoping to make a cute one too for Reed's next birthday, so hopefully she'll give me some pointers!
All 3 cousins....Reed (21 months), Emery Claire (6 weeks) and Brody (12 months)
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Marshmellow Roast

While we were in Blue Ridge we also got to visit with the Chancey family. They are like family to Casey since he has grown up with their two sons! Above is Matt (with baby Ryan on his back), little Joe with Morgan, Casey and Reed and big Joe! We had a great time, as we always do! Big Joe built a bonfire and everyone roasted marshmellows (or arshellos as Morgan called them)! Reed loved them!
Casey and Reed roasting marshmellows
Reed loved playing with Morgan, and they hugged before we left! So sweet!
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