Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to......

well, me......yes this past Sunday I turned the big 37....sheesh that just sounds so old! I feel like lately my eyes have bags or lines under them---or is it because I'm 8 months pregnant and tired all the time-ha! Who knows......kinda crazy to watch yourself look older and older, I know I sure don't look the same as that young 29 year old getting married anymore! 

birthday date of our favs Local Taco then some ice cream at Graeters

sweet friends and their husbands that came out with us....yes my friend on left (Sarah Jo)  is also pregnant--with twins would you believe! and my friend in the middle (Erin) looks amazing after having baby #2 about 3 months ago now! 

We had a nice date/family birthday weekend---well until the stomach bug hit our house. I think it possibly started the previous weekend with Emery-Claire running the on and off again fever for about 3 days. Then late Thursday night/early Friday morning I woke up not feeling so well.....and my stomach felt kinda off all weekend. But Casey and I still managed to have a date night with some friends and enjoy our family weekend. Until Sunday afternoon he was in bed and then shortly later.....well began the throwing up. First him, then Mary Etta around 9/9:30. It was  a long night to say the least with her.....poor thing was probably up every hour almost! At least I got her to do it in the toilet, which it made it so much better---well as good as dealing with a child throwing up is! Monday & Tuesday I felt I was playing catch up with sleep deprivation and pure exhaustion! My throat was hurting and my glands were I ended up finding out I had strep throat! Seriously what a  past couple weeks of sickness it has been. But I think we are all on the mend, thankfully! 

the boys getting ready to head off to watch the Dawgs and the CATS play....was a very close game but they pulled through and won! Reed loved every minute of it!

my birthday with the girls....we couldn't get Reed to pose with us 

It is always so weird that another birthday comes and so often, especially parenting small children, our days feel so long, but then you look back and how time flies at the same time. I know I'm so thankful and so blessed to have my sweet husband who loves us all so much and works so hard to provide and take care of us. Yes marriage is hard--who said it was easy??---but ultimately because of our commitment to the Lord we trust and rest in Him that He is at work in us both sculpting us into the the image He desires for us to be! And then there is our children.....such such abundant blessings I know! Some days can be so hard and tiring and repetitive with these young ages.....but they too are growing up so fast! I want to think I really try to savor them and the stages they are in...even when it's challenging. I do love them greatly and it seems hard to remember a day before them--life was definitely not quite as eventful!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


So here goes Friday.......probably our least productive day of the week! This mama is tired for sure! So I set my alarm for 5:35am.....yes you read that right. I thought I'd head to a Pure Barre class. I just started doing PB about a year and a half ago. Casey says it's "the rich ladies workout"--ha! It is awfully expensive; definitely more than what a membership at a gym would cost for sure! But I have to say I'm addicted! It's a whole body workout that addresses areas most women complain about......arms, seat, thighs and abs!
Pure Barre utilizes the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements!
Yes I'm 32 weeks pregnant but it's non-impact....and basically I'm fine doing it with some modifications; and of course I can't really do the ab section now.....I usually do a few other leg exercises and leave class a little early at this point. Though I can tell this far into my pregnancy that any exercise....PB, walking, my occasional kickboxing video I can only get so much out of them unfortunately. But I've stayed active for the most part in all my pregnancies, so it's hard for me to completely stop and do nothing. So I saved some of my spending money and bought some classes so I could go....and it's just motivation for me! Thankfully they have specials every now and then I can buy them, but overall I just go and take classes when I A)have the funds; and B) have the time! I'm already saving up for their "baby bounce back" package that I really want to get for an unlimited 3 months after baby when I'm ready for exercise again!

So I was home a little before 7am, and checked emails, etc. I think Emery-Claire came downstairs, then Reed maybe within 10 minutes or so of me being home. She was acting all pitiful and still saying she didn't feel well. I checked her temp and it was not super high. But I gave her motrin so she'd perk back up. We made some oatmeal and what we call "green lemonade" juice basically. This summer I did lots of smoothies because it was so hot and they were refreshing, but a few weeks ago I pulled back out my juicer and it's been so refreshing and yummy to use it again at least 2-3 times a week. It takes so much to give us all a little, so it can get expensive. So 2-3 times a week is about all I can do!y to change your body. Students see results in just 10 classes.
I think I could drink one of these every day though!

We cleaned were supposed to be doing their morning "jobs"......the morning seemed kinda all over the place. I needed to balance the checkbook, pay some bills, empty dishwasher, load dishwasher, make list for weekend needs at I ultimately got distracted doing all that and not really attending to them and the fact that our house was seemingly being torn apart! I finally got everyone upstairs for room time with some music and I tried finishing those other tasks. It quickly approached put on some Sesame Street and gave them a snack. I was thinking I'd wrap up and after SS we'd head to the store! But then a sweet, dear friend called......and I'm a sucker for catching up briefly (Sarah if you read this I was so excited you called and delighted to hear your voice! I miss you dear friend and loved chatting with you.....even if my morning was whatever, it was better talking with you!)

So after getting off the phone and finally having the kids turn off the tv......our sick child was definitely perked up by now! It was approaching 11:30 so we decided to do lunch then head to the store. After lunch Casey came in to work some from home and so he was sweet and said I could leave Reed with him and only take the girls to the store. We did make a quick stop in Old Navy and then into Whole Foods for a few things we needed. The girls were quickly fading and Emery-Claire wasn't feeling well again I could tell. She wanted to ride in the shopping cart....not many 4 year olds want to ride in the cart, so I knew that meant she was ready to probably come home and crash!

We came home and both girls quickly crashed.  I got Reed settled with his rest time instruction. I then sat down to check email, etc. This is often my procrastination when I'm tired and not so motivated to do the things I need to do around the house! But finally I was up and working on some pumpkin muffins.......

Reed came out and was diving into them quickly......I think he ate more than I realized! The girls were still sleeping at around 4:30 and I was about to go get them when Emery-Claire came downstairs crying again......Again she had another 101.7 temp. So I gave her some more motrin and some cold water. She also wanted a couple muffins. She just wanted to lay down so I put on Cinderella for her to watch. She was pretty pathetic looking. Poor thing. I guess she's just fighting off some sort of virus. Hoping and praying the rest of stay well, and no other yucky symptoms arise! 

I then begin working on our pizza for turned out pretty good. I did buy pre-made crust; though sometimes I like making my own.  But I knew today I wasn't exactly up for it. 

Finally our decision on a sink vanity was made in the past week. As I'm sure some of you saw WEEKS ago I posted a couple pics of our bath update! Yes we did start demolition back in May and the bulk of the work was done in July and August....and yes it is October......I know we are kinda ridiculous! We just could not make up our minds! But we finally did and today Casey picked it up! Hopefully next week we'll have sink top cut and put on and our plumber will be back to hook it all up and we can start using this bath!!! When it's all put together (hopefully in next couple weeks it will be officially completed) I'll post the final pics!! We sure are ready. 

And I was excited to see these fun things in the mail today........woohooo! I have some of the Tom's ballet flats, but never owned the more casual, comfy ones......I've been walking around the house in them and I think I am going to like these!

Casey just got a last minute call from a friend to come and bring Reed down to watch Big Blue Madness.....a big tradition around here to kickoff basketball season! Is it seriously already time for basketball??!! 
Casey & Reed at Big Blue Madness
So I've been letting the girls catch up on some fun ballet videos they love (while I cleaned up the kitchen and write up the bulk of this day's blog).........

very serious ballerinas!

So now the ballet video is over, my house is a disaster, and I'm going to tuck in these girls after I read a couple books and teeth are brushed! Then to clean up a bit and work on peeling and cutting some apples for applesauce making on Saturday! Happy Friday!

Friday, October 12, 2012


Well, I think I get more slowed down on Thursdays after long and busy Tuesdays and Wednesdays! I intended to let this be my "sleep in day"......but after multiple early morning wakings in a row my body was wide awake (of course) at 6am. I tried fighting it and not getting up, but after about 15 minutes or so I just decided to make some coffee and have some quiet time in the word! After starting the coffee pot I heard Emery-Claire crying/talking......not quite sure what she was doing but it was only 6:25......I went up to check and I think she was half asleep, so I told her quietly to lay down and rest more b/c it was way too early to get up yet!

a little pumpkin spice coffee with some Galatians 
So I had some nice quiet time till Reed came down around 7:20 or so.....I made him look at some books so I could finish up and then around 7:40 he said Mary Etta was crying. So off to get her and start breakfast. We did eggs and some cinnamon toast for them (EC is still asleep!). They ate and I think around 8:20 or so EC came downstairs crying and kinda not looking like herself. She felt slightly warm (oh no I thought b/c some kids and her teacher had been sick in her class this week). She said she still wanted to eat, but was saying she didn't feel good; so I took the gamble and let her. Meanwhile the other two were dressing and doing morning jobs.....well, things didn't seem to move so smoothly this morning b/c before I knew it, it was 9:00! I sent them upstairs with music on and play time so I could finish getting ready and gather school stuff together (that I was too tired to do the night before). I think finally by close to 10:00 we finally sat down to start our routine.....calendar, weather, Bible time, catechisms, etc. EC was not quite her usual perky self, but she did eat, was dressed, and wanted to do some her 99 temp wasn't affecting her too terribly. I also gave her a little tylenol too hoping that would perk her up.

excited to do some school time....can't you tell!
Mary Etta wasn't quite as motivated to do her work boxes, so I let her watch the last half of Sesame Street while the other 2 worked. We kinda got off course after that b/c I had a couple phone calls I had to take and deal I think they got more wound up after all that! It was approaching I gave them a fun fall craft with stickers my mom had sent them so they could calm down and do something constructive while I fixed lunch and started a load of laundry.

they did enjoy their craft
 EC kept laying her head down on the table, but again she did eat lunch. After lunch we went upstairs to read a couple books....and I tried making her rest for about 30 minutes while working through some laundry and the other two having some play time-----writing this I feel this day is half over & I'm so out of sorts?!! She didn't sleep so everyone wanted to color and cut some more, or mainly Reed, and the girls did briefly and then played dress up till naptime.

We started rest time at around 2pm......I decided to try something a little new today. EC has CD books for first hour; then special rest time boxes for 2nd hour. Though when I went up there to check on her at close to 3pm, she was asleep on Reed's bed....poor girl obviously didn't feel well. Mary Etta laid down at 2pm for her nap; and from 2-3pm Reed is getting some computer time with the timer on, then he can do something else quietly---color, draw, legos, etc. At 3pm he has to go to my room for an hour to listen to books or look at them quietly......I did let him keep drawing (he loves to draw these days!). At around 3:30 EC woke up and I got her one of the rest time boxes for the next half hour. I think she barely played with it b/c when Reed got up at 4 I had him check on her and she was asleep again!

ok i don't love "belly" shots of myself......i take them for journaling/keepsake for my babies to look back on; but i figured i need one for 30/31 week (I'm actually 31 weeks today--and tomorrow--Friday, I turn 32 weeks) so here it is; my probably one and only belly shot on the blog!

working on the roman shade

So during rest/naptime.....I was actually really productive today! I cleaned our family room---dusting, sweeping, mopping, etc. Shoo I forget how long it takes me just to clean that room! No wonder the rest of the house gets neglected! I also changed out more laundry, and worked some more on this pinterest project.....making roman shade from mini blind!

When EC came downstairs she was not looking good and was very warm! So I took her temp....101.6-yikes! I let them all eat a little snack and watch a little tv, EC got some motrin. I worked in kitchen and cleaned up dishes, emptied dishwasher, etc.

I had to meet a friend to go get some apples she picked up for me to do another batch of homemade applesauce. We made one batch a few weeks ago and it was soooooo yummy and I had more jars so I wanted to make some more! I picked up some take out for everyone while I was out.....then we ate, cleaned up, did baths/shower, read a few books and off to bed. Emery-Claire perked up after her dose of motrin and seemed more like herself. After the kids were in bed I folded up some laundry and finally felt like I sat down for the first time today. Casey turned on the debate and I didn't last for very long, so decided to head to bed close to 10---which then EC was up again and her fever spiked again to we gave her some more medicine. I headed to bed after that!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


***and of course actually posting Thursday morning : )
Ok typing this post on Wednesday (as I just finished Tuesdays -ha!) I don't know how people that blog everyday manage to do blog posts have gotten few and far between lately I know b/c it takes me forever to actually sit down at the computer and think/type anything it seems these days! So here goes our Wednesday............

I was up at 6am....needed to shower, wash hair, ready, etc. before getting kids up and ready for school. I was done at around 7:10 and Emery-Claire and Reed had actually already gotten up and made their beds. This is typically unusual because usually they are so tired from their previous day of school they are sleeping till I wake them! We quickly got dressed and came downstairs for breakfast....a little cereal and some apple juice, while I made their lunches (since I crashed so early Tuesday it didn't get done the night before). Mary Etta was struggling this morning......lots of crying and not wanting this or that. Seems she sometimes has hard time on these earlier mornings and everything seems to upset her.

***didn't do well taking many pictures for the day; so this is more narrative; oh well I tried.

We seemed to get out the door later today---issues with clothing and jackets again; brushing teeth, hair, etc. seemed to take longer too.....I don't know why these things are so hard for them sometimes?? Emery-Claire had left her uniform navy sweater at school and A) wasn't happy about the LS button down shirt she had to wear; and B) wasn't happy with the coat choice I grabbed for her---but I had to constantly tell her this was her only option b/c it was cold outside this morning and hopefully we'd find her navy sweater once we arrived at school!

I think we arrived at school at around 8:30 exactly! I walked them in so we could find her sweater.....of course it was in her box under some school books, so she was pleased! Then Mary Etta and I headed down the road so I could get a cup of coffee before heading to Bible study at church. We got to church later too.....I think it was about 9:10 or so. sigh.....such are my mornings trying to get anywhere on time; doesn't seem to matter what I do. We are studying Galations, using Tim Keller's study. It's really good....I did it with some sweet friends when I was single about 10 years ago (wow 10 years ago...was it really that long ago??!!---I think that was 2003, so yeah 9 years ago-wow!)

So after Bible study, Mary Etta and I headed home. I made her some lunch and got ready to head to my OB appointment at 1:00.  Casey came home to do some work from here so I didn't have to take Mary Etta with me, and she could take her nap. It was a quick in and out appointment (baby heartbeat, measurements, blood pressure check, weight, etc.). I think I was in and out of there in 30-40 minutes. So I ran a few errands before going to pick up the big kids for school. 

One errand included picking up this little cutie's birthday present. Yes this is adorable baby Rett (as he is referred to in our home) youngest sister's sweet little baby boy who turns 1 on Saturday! We are so sad to miss his party......but at 32 weeks (officially on Friday I'm 32 weeks) pregnant my back is getting to me these days so I think a drive over 3 hours feels overwhelming right now. Sad to miss this sweet boy's party....because I'm sure it will be so fun watching him with cake and presents! 

Then it was time to pick up the big kids.....I wanted to write a couple hilarious comments from these two from their teachers..........
Reed: as his teacher was discussing Christopher Columbus on Tuesday and giving them facts and details about this major piece of history, she asked the children where did they think he was going. My son's response "to see the Colts".......yes we are definitely having football brain around here! And then he also later told her "the other night was a very bad night!" she asked why......his response, "because Georgia lost to the chickens!" (we all assumed he meant the "gamecocks" of South Carolina). 

Emery-Claire is not without the crazy comments/stories as well.......she had pet share time; so I sent a picture of our pet fish "Nemo" (yes original I know!). She stood up and told the entire class that her fish had died and the Holy Spirit had taken him up to heaven. We've only had 1 fish and he is very much alive???!!! Not sure where/why she told this one. Then the other day they had a student who's parent had moved up to kindergarten--he was already older and teachers felt he was more ready for kindergarten than parents initially thought. So my child told her teacher "you have to be able to click your tongue and snap your fingers to go to kindergarten. I can't do that yet so I'll just have to stay in preschool!" She is definitely a character and so full of spunk and life! 

The rest of our day was pretty much same as Tuesday. We did run by the post office to mail Rett's package; then home and the kids had a small snack while watching a show. I fixed them just simple supper and they played a little outside......but it was getting cool so we had them come in. They did a little game playing with Daddy

Then it was time to get ready for bed (no baths tonight....we'll tackle tomorrow since we'll just be home and no rush out the door---thankfully!) When I send Emery-Claire upstairs to dress herself she often comes down looking alot like this
yes this is how we roll......our hair out of ponytail/bow---it gets a little crazy you could say! the best part of this combination (I think she may have put it on after I took picture) was the hot pink socks and the light pink princess slippers!
Teeth brushed and read a couple books then off to bed! I think I got to cleaning up the kitchen and sent a couple emails.....then I kinda crashed on the couch, again. Happy Wednesday it was! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


So Tuesdays right now are pretty eventual and full days. The older two go to kindergarten and preschool at a local classical christian school (they only go Tuesdays and Wednesdays and then we homeschool the other days of the week). But they are long, full days for them. And also a nice break for me! Another friend who sends her 3 older children there also has a 3 year old at home. So we decided that we would give each other breaks on Tuesdays and take turns keeping the two of them. So far it has worked out beautifully! I think that is what you get with child #4 and child #3.....they are both pretty easy going little people. They play well and are so sweet to each other! They are even taking naps at each other's how wonderful for us!

I set the alarm for 6am....I think I was up by around 6:15.....did a little kickboxing video (for about 25-30 minutes) before jumping in the shower to quickly to ready myself before getting everyone else up and ready! They were up at around 7:10-7:15----I had to wake them this morning : ) We got dressed, ate breakfast....a few tears of course over rushing out of bed into clothes and then over what was served at breakfast. Backpacks ready, lunches/snacks ready, teeth brushed, hair fixed, shoo and out the door by 8:05 or so.

When we get to school Reed & EC are off to their classrooms and I get Jack from my friend....for a fun-filled day with two 3 year olds! We first had to go to the doctor for a little finger incident. About a week and a half ago Mary Etta smashed her finger in a door......the nail had been about ready to fall off any day now (it finally came off with a little tug from Casey last night), but it just didn't look good. I was just concerned with infection so I wanted them to look at it to be sure. These two were so cute at the doctor office. They both really did well! They loved checking out the fish and the frog tanks while waiting on the doctor. They got stickers and were pleased with that.

posing at the doctors office

fun watching the frogs in the frog tank
After a stop at the bank drive-thru, we had to make a quick stop at Wal-mart for a few things. They were excited to enjoy their suckers we had got from the bank at Wal-mart. No mishaps and so amazingly good were these two! 

We headed home and I let them watch the rest of Sesame Street and enjoy a snack. Then they played while I worked on some laundry, dishes, etc. About noon I made some Tinkerbell and Superman enjoyed their lunch : ) They got to listen to a CD story and then down for naps!
Both of them slept pretty easily.....Mary Etta was a little restless and kinda rowdy, but eventually fell asleep. I was able to just finish up some household chores and be definitely more productive than Monday. I got them up about 3 and we jumped in the car and headed back to school to pick up the big kids!

After pick up we ran by the drug store to get Mary Etta's antibiotic.....they did say her finger looked infected. We did our usual 4-6 pm routine once for a bit; snack; outside play; dinner prep. We ate at around 6....then the kids went back outside to play while I cleaned up.

 Close to 7 we started baths for the girls and Reed took his shower. I think bed at around 8....after cleaned up, teeth brushed, all settled. Shoo another long day! I definitely crashed on the couch, which is why I didn't write this blog post till today : )

Monday, October 8, 2012

A week in the life--Monday

Last year (though it was July and not October) I wrote these posts for a week (that is the link to the first of 4 posts). I wanted to write down (to the best of my ability) the details of each day for a week so I could look back and try and remember our life in that season. So now that it's been a little over a year I thought I'd try and re-visit this idea again. Hopefully I will be able to sit down each night and remember all the events of the day--b/c I sure don't have much of a chance to do that in the day! And I thought how fitting to do this prior to baby #4 arriving, since things are going to become very different than they are now!

My alarm went off around 6:20am; I stayed up way too late last night cleaning up, and preparing for the day/week last night. So of course I hit snooze and wasn't quite so ready to hop out of bed. I think about 6:30-6:40 I finally got up...because of course my pregnant self had to make a trip to the bathroom : ) Everyone was tired thankfully this morning and seemed to sleep longer than just 7am! So I made a cup of hot tea and sat down to spend some time working on my Bible Study/time in the word. So refreshing to not be interrupted 3 minutes after sitting down! So I think I sat there drinking my tea and reading/meditating till around 7:20. Emery-Claire (always our first riser) came downstairs and I had her sit on the couch with a few books quietly for a little longer so I could finish up. Then around 7:30 Reed was up so up into the kitchen we went to start our oatmeal and green juice! Mary Etta was up not long after that, so around 7:40ish. They ate while I finished cleaning up dishes, etc. So after bathroom breaks, multiple bowls of oatmeal and drinking our "juice" I think they were all done around 8:15-8:30ish.

So we all headed upstairs for morning "jobs".......they all have their own responsibilities. Reed and EC have clothes ready and in their closet to put on, they have to put away their pjs, brush teeth, & make their beds. Even Mary Etta thinks she is so big and so wants to independently dress herself and have no assistance whatsoever! I then put on some music in the CD Player so I could come downstairs to dress and make my bed before we start our "school" day at home. We seemed to start later than usual. I think sometimes I end up being more pokey with myself than I mean/need to be!

So I think finally at 9:30ish we started our "school" time. I usually aim for 9am. We usually sit down and do the calendar, weather, Bible story, scripture memory or catechisms, and sing/pray before starting our day. But I think we got maybe 15 minutes into it and my friend stopped by to say hello. She had her dog with her so the kids were all over that and loving it! So then it was probably close to 10 when she left and we finished our routine and since it was so chilly I promised them some hot chocolate while they did their work.

So Reed was eager to get to working drinking his hot chocolate. Lots of writing, math and reading practice for him today!

They all have their own pencil boxes with crayons and pencils.....which they love! So while Reed did his work the girls colored and Emery-Claire practiced some name writing and working on some sound identification.

Around close to 11ish we were done and I let them watch a 30 minute show so I could clean up and get library books all ready to head to the library in a bit. By then since it was a little after 11:30 so I decided we might as well eat lunch before heading out to the library.

We headed to the library a little after 12 and about an hour and a half later came home with this stack! They kids love looking for books, playing in the kids section at the library, and Reed especially loves the computer time!

Then it was time for rest time to begin! Mary Etta laid down and fell asleep pretty thankful that at a little over 3 years she is still sleeping so good! Emery-Claire has quiet time in her room with a few toys and books to look at; Reed goes to our room and has the CD player to listen to books and some paper/crayons to draw and color. I'm in the process of revamping this time for the two of them b/c today was one of those days that it seemed every 5-10 minutes they were out of the room coming to talk to me or tell me something.....this is not the normal or the guidelines of what is expected of them during rest time. My 2-4 time was supposed to be productive with laundry and some finishing up of a couple curtains I started last week for the family room. But instead I procrastinated on the computer and at least did have a sweet phone conversation with my friend about the baby shower she wants to plan for our baby.

I finally let the big two get up a little before 4; not long after that Mary Etta was up as well. Everyone ate a snack at the table and then I let them watch a movie we checked out from the library. I folded some laundry and then got up to start prepping supper.

I sent the kids outside for a bit while I finished making supper. They often are in/out, in/out multiple times to tell me something or tattle on the other......but for the most part they often play well together like the below picture.
this picture is actually from a few days was quite chilly most of today so they were in long pants and long sleeves today. but this does capture the running and the football they all love playing together lately!
Not too bad trying out a new recipe for a chicken sandwhich--which seemed to be a hit with them all! Casey was gone dealing with a few things he needed to tend to so our dinner was kinda just whatever. He came in when they were about done and then I cleaned up, had them clean up (outside and inside)....then we were off to baths and ready for bed. I made sure all their lunches, backpacks all ready for tomorrow's school day. 

Showers, baths, teeth brushed, few books read and then off to bed by 8:15! Watching a little of the Voice while Casey flips to Monday night football and I wrote this blog post! I am off to bed b/c it's an early day tomorrow! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Go Dawgs!

This year we've entered into a whole new world......maybe it's going from 5 to 6 years old. Last year Reed was into sports and would cheer and so on to some degree; but this season when football began a few weeks ago.......well he has moved into an all out true man watching football, NASCAR, and I'm sure basketball won't be far behind once the season begins! So in true fashion (like his Daddy) he has become a true Georgia Bulldog fan! He plays football in the backyard constantly, and is always asking when football games are on. He comes in telling us he had a game and that the Dawgs just played LSU, Florida, etc (input any SEC team.....sometimes he plays a pro team too : ) So when asked how he wanted to celebrate his birthday he said he wanted (first was a NASCAR party) but thinking that would be tricky to plan games, activities; I asked if we could do a football party.....really talking it up and making it sound so fun and exciting!

My Georgia boys!

So I found this adorable game ticket online; all I had to do was order the file and then you can print as many as you want. He was so excited to have his "game" all planned out! 

Next, of course, was the cake.......I have acknowledged the fact that cake decorating is not my fortay........all I do is completely stress out over it. I have found the Kroger down the street from us is very creative and very price effective. I took in this idea/picture and they created it perfectly! It couldn't have looked better! Of course it was kinda funny that he wanted the DAWGS to play the CATS.....but fitting I suppose here in the Bluegrass : ) 

So our plan was to have a "game" best as some 5 & 6 year olds can play a "game" of football. But unfortunately it rained all the night before and all day of our party until about 1 1/2 hour before the party started. So the yard was pretty muddy (or so we thought). SO I had some back up games for the boys to play. But boy oh boy did it seem to wound them up more......and only lasted about the first 45 minutes that Casey was then once he left, my mom, his mom, & myself were left with 6 WILD BOYS! 

all the boys got a red or blue jersey with a number on the back
what's a football game without cheerleaders for each team : )
boys enjoying the hike the ball pass.....Dawgs vs the CATS
I am not one who loves a zillion kids at a we kept it small....5 other boys plus Reed was 6 boys. And boy was that a handful! Yes I'm 30 weeks pregnant, yes unfortunately Casey was only able to stay for the first 45 minutes due to a work event that was already rescheduled once (and he didn't realize was same day/time as Reed's party till week of). But I have to say these boys!!

blue team....a.k.a. CATS plus cheerleader

red team....a.k.a. the DAWGS plus cheerleader

So after all the few games we played.....we finally ventured outside. I didn't take any pictures because by then I was about worn out! HA! But it was great for these active boys to be able to run around throw balls and just chase, tag, etc with each other! And thankfully it wasn't a sloppy, muddy mess as I thought it was going to be!

After games, outside, cake/ice cream, presents, and good ole fun we called it a day! Reed seemed to enjoy every minute of his game day!

Nana with the Georgia girl.....with Casey leaving early I had a hard time managing the party, and capturing all the photos I would have wanted. So of course I never got one of him with both grandmothers. And I think I videotaped happy birthday singing......ha! Regardless I think he still has memories to savor from his special day!

Reed with his Gigi....the next morning b/c of course he was too busy during his party to get too many pictures : )
 So I think our party was a success! We love this sweet boy and are ever so thankful for him! What a joy to celebrate him turning 6 years old!