Saturday, November 30, 2013

1 year

so it happened baby officially turned 1 year's always so bittersweet.....the first year, officially behind us now. but yet she's so fun, full of life, sweet, engages with us all, laughs, babbles, imitates, has her little "tricks" she performs, etc. so we are having so much fun and enjoying every second with our girl....but yet we know it's so fleeting too....this babyhood stage. the kids are constantly asking/saying "i wish we could keep maggie a baby".....oh sometimes mama does too! of course i'm excited to continue to watch her grow and learn...and see all that God has in store for her sweet little life.....but even as much as i try and soak in and savor babyhood it still goes by way too fast!

9:29am 1 year ago today.....we met our little Maggie Starks for the first time!

couldn't be more smitten with this sweet baby girl......what a blessing she was and is to us all!

first family of 6 pictures.....

man have you grown and changed so much over the past year......but we love you more and more everyday! Happy 1st birthday sweet baby girl!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Savoring 11 months

So I'm a little behind in writing Maggie's 11 month post....since in a little over a week she is officially 1 year old??!!! How is it possible that we are approaching that first birthday.....I knew it was coming, getting closer and closer....but still hard to believe it''s already that time! She's crawling, busy, into everything, loves to eat everything, wants to be and do whatever the big kids are doing; totally entertained by them! She has all sorts of fun little tricks....raspberries, tongue clicks and other noises, shaking her head (especially to music--so cute), giving open mouth kisses (the sweetest), and lots of babbling to keep up with the loudness in our house! My personal favorite is "mamama" of course!

Now for some pictures.......
 I know I'm bias....but I seriously can't stand all this cuteness!

 This girl is all full of joy and sweetness!

So yes we are in the stages of putting together a small family celebration (I never do tons for the first.....and like it to be family) after Thanksgiving. Poor baby end of November/December are just smack in the middle of the holiday season! But more to celebrate!

the cutest little cow in her first halloween costume.......almost all 4 of them have been able to wear!

Love love this snuggly, happy, smiley, laughing, joyful baby girl! So thankful she was brought into our family a year ago! We love you more and more everyday Maggie!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thankful 2013

so each november (i think this is year 3) we started doing a thankful tree...after being inspired by some friends i had seen. so here is this year's.....

i can tell at our ages....7, 5, 4.....they are getting the concept much more than even last year and really thinking beyond their usual "thankful for food!" reed wants to say he's thankful for Jesus almost daily....which is great, but I try to prompt him to think of other things Jesus has done for him that he can be thankful for.....Mary Etta often wants to copy what Emery-Claire says.....but she's had a few original pie (after we had some apple crisp after dinner one night), gum from Gigi, and daddy taking her to chick-fil-a.

so i can't find our previous thankful trees....maybe i forgot to take pictures of......

but i do have post from 2012  (though I'm pretty sure we did in 2011 and 2010??)

this year i've very thankful for these 4 little people and a godly husband who is so passionate for the things of the Lord.......