Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm 17 months old!

Reed had a great time visiting with Nana last weekend! He started to get sick Sunday, so even though he had a slight fever and runny nose we could tell he still really enjoyed her being here!
Trying on Daddy's boggin!
Lately Reed is loving his little chair he got for his birthday. He likes to sit in it with books!

Reed had a blast with his Gigi this past weekend! While Daddy went on a men's trip to Chicago she came to stay with us--and he was so excited to see her arrive, just giggling and laughing as she walked in the door.

I know we haven't posted in awhile; well, we finally got our new camera! And we've been trying to figure out how to use it and then today finally downloaded the pictures onto the computer. Whoooo! It is a high tech thing, but seems to be taking some wonderful pictures of our little guy! We've also had lots of vistors; most of our family hasn't seen Reed since Christmas. So needless to say, he's had lots of fun and playmates! But it's been cute to watch him with Nana and Gigi.
Lately, we've been talking about the baby to him, not that he probably understands completely. And he will lift up my shirt and say "baby"--though I'm not for sure he really knows there is a baby, but it is cute to watch!


  1. Gigi had a great time too. I have a renewed appreciation for young mothers of toddlers! It is quite an accomplishment to get anywhere on time! You're a great mom, Erica. Love you.

  2. WOooo... mom made the blogspot. Wish Aunt Sarah could make the blogspot. :0)

  3. ok---she can for sure next we see her :)