Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Program

Reed had his first Christmas program this week! It was so fun to see him up on the stage (and he was on the front row too!) As you can see from my pictures our seats weren't that great too many heads and I wasn't directly in front of him, so I kept getting teachers heads, other kids, or blurry shots---oh well, these were some of the best ones I could get. I did videotape quite a bit of it too. I have never been able to download directly from our video camera to the computer, so I may try, but not sure if I'll get it or not. So for now the pictures will have to do.
Smiling so big! He did so great & we were so proud of him! He sang along and belted out every song they sang! And they did about you can see his side profile below very into his singing!

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  1. wish i could have been touched my heart deeply to hear him sing 'hark the herald' ... he has such a tender heart for Jesus...what a gift his mommy & daddy have already given him, the legacy of faith.... (the pictures of M.E. and E.C. so adorable, she is growing up so fast)!
    love you so much.