Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Festivities

It has been crazy around here lately! Just even hard to have a moment to sit down and go through pictures! So I finally did tonight........

First of all--last Friday I had the opportunity to take Emery-Claire to go watch our local ballet theatre's production of the "Nutcracker". It was so fun for us to go do this together! We have several friends who dance with this ballet company, so it was fun for her to see one of them (as it was brief performance of Act 2 for school groups to go to) dancing. She loved it! As did I! And the 45-50 minute show was just enough for her little attention span. A great kickoff to our ballet weekend!

Friday night we had the dress rehearsal for Emery-Claire's ballet recital. As you can see she could barely contain her excitement to be on stage and dance! And this is just rehearsal!

Saturday....all ready to head out to her recital!

Posing after the was so sweet! She did great!

So excited to have Gigi (and Pops, and Aunt Jess & cousin Brody, and Aunt Nee Nee & new cousin baby Rett) to come and watch her!

So it was also a big weekend as we got to FINALLY meet our newest family member---baby Rett! He was born back in October and we have been so excited to meet this sweet little guy! So finally 2 months later we have, and we is so cute! It was fun to see the kids enjoy holding him and being so sweet to him! I'm so used to always having a baby in the house, that it really hit me that it's been awhile now. As you can see they loved every minute of it!

Mary Etta was soooo sweet with Rett. She kept rubbing his head and saying "I be gentle". After he left she has continued to talk about baby Rett this week. One of the cutest things she said was in response to "whose girl are you?" (usually a game we play and she alternates if she is mommy's girl or daddy's girl). So this week it was "I baby Rett girl!"

A cousin picture--Reed looks so thrilled doesn't he!

Also, this week Reed has his Christmas program at school. He did great and was so excited to sing all his songs they had been working so hard on!

Posing in his classroom by their tree.

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  1. love these!! can't wait to have all these pics; it was great to be together for E.C.'s 1st recital & to watch all the little ones so sweetly welcome little Rett; great effort toward great memories. love you