Friday, September 7, 2012

Bye bye summer, hello school

I have to admit I was laughing that as I looked and saw the last time I blogged was earlier in August....and now it's September-ha! Well, as I think I mentioned then I've been insanely busy with decluttering, re-organizing, finding places for things that needed places......that is the thing with old houses. I do love our house but you have to be super creative in how you store, organize so many things in them. It often takes more thought than I realize it would! Then there was the Orient Expressed clothing show I did--smack in the middle of my school preparations, well that slowed me down too. I do love selling the adorable classic and traditional clothing---it really is fun and just takes some chunks of time 2x/year. But it was crazy in the middle of my trying to prepare for our school year too! But I got it all done; as well as prepare, gather, & organize our homeschool materials for our 3 days of school time at home. Shooh---it's just been nonstop! So finally this week (& I still have a few things to put in their place but hopefully by end of the week they will be there!) we officially started our school year!
a little bright outside the school before the opening ceremony begins

Reed & Emery-Claire were just so excited to begin this new that made it easier. So for 7 hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays they both will be in a classroom setting in a local classical Christian school.....then the other 3 days we'll continue the work sent home and anything I supplement with that. So with my first baby starting kindergarten should I be sad; viewing it as a season coming to an end and a new season beginning?? I think if I was sending him off to the school down the street for 5 days a week and 7 hours a day I probably would.....but really knowing he's here 3 days with me and I still have the privilege of teaching him and sharing in this learning time with him.....I wasn't at all sad to drop him off Tuesday morning. It actually seemed more weird that EC would be gone so long for 2 whole days at just 4 years old! But I do believe she is loving every minute of it!

So here he is all ready for his big first day of kindergarten; so excited and ready to learn! I think his cutest comment from the day was "tomorrow I go to first grade and Emmie goes to kindergarten!" He thought the next day would be a new grade-ha! So I explained that no the entire school year was kindergarten then you get to go to first grade.

very serious in his procession into the sanctuary for the opening ceremony

Ready for her first day of preschool!
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So excited; with friend, Amelia

Enjoying after "first day of school" treat at the yogurt place!

So we've survived the first week! We worked some at home on Thursday and today just had a low key day and some more "fun" activities. Monday I guess we'll be back at it! And hopefully I'll wrap up my still few gathering and organizing of the last few things to be ready to go! What an adventure for sure......but I'm excited and praying we all do well together and really grow and learn through this new season we've begun!

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