Wednesday, May 29, 2013

School's Out!

So last week we wrapped up our school year.....yay we survived!

So this little guy officially finished kindergarten....sniff, sniff
Can't believe my first baby is now going to be a 1st grader?!! But I am so proud of him and he had such a great year! We have loved our school/homeschool time! It's been such a good first year!

So here he is back in September on the first day of school....kinda see the change, but seems subtle too.

 Of course along with turning 5 years old, this big girl also finished her Preschool year! She did so great and loved every minute of it! Hard to believe she is now going to kindergarten!

 Here is her 1st day pic from Sept......her hair is longer now, but hard to see too much of a change here.

last day

1st day

we loved our teachers too! so fun to have a friend get to be your child's teacher! i couldn't have picked a better one!

Reed loved his teacher too! 

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  1. I'm happy to see that from the pictures, they don't seem to have changed much from the beginning of the year until now! Makes it easier for Mama I would think. I know they're growing in knowledge and maturity on the inside though!