Monday, September 23, 2013

9 Months

A little late doing this post.....since in about a week our girl is another month older! But for now, she is still 9 months! Maggie has probably changed the most this past month from 8-9 months! After waiting longer than ever before (with the other 3 children) she finally had her first taste of some real solid food at around 8 1/2 months. She seemed really ready and eager to taste and eat, so I figured it was time to let her try.

 Mmmmmm sweet potatoes

Some of our homemade applesauce we canned last fall.....she loved every bite of it!

 Harder to get a 9 month posed picture these days.....this girl doesn't want to sit still!

 She's learned to sit up right before turning 9 months......

 and she's done having her picture made......
she's utilizing those sitting skills. seemed once she mastered one skill within 1-2 weeks another one kicked in. sitting was first; then crawling......
so proud of her moving skills;

then came pulling to stand (right after she turned 9 months).....

Maggie got to experience her first time in the pool over Labor Day weekend.....took us all summer to actually get her in the water....but sitting up on your own makes it a little easier to splash and have fun!

our baby girl is growing faster by the minute! she is so full of life and happy most the time! we still haven't gotten that first tooth I'm sure it won't be long now. she is still loving her siblings, as long as they aren't too in her face; she is definitely starting some shyness, preference to mama often more than any other familiar adults....though she does light up and love her daddy! so thankful for our maggie starks......loving each new phase she enters into....just wishing we could slow the progression down just a little. but enjoying every moment and love watching her explore the world around her!

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