Sunday, December 15, 2013


So about 2 weeks ago now...our sweet little babe officially turned 1 year old! How has it been a year?!
We had so much fun celebrating her with was truly a sweet and savory kind of day! Simple, yet great to be together and celebrate our baby girl!
 She loved that smash cake!

So since's now kinda felt like a whirlwind! All the decorating, getting ready for Christmas, wrapping up the school year, etc. Some days I feel like we just had Maggie and she just joined our family....other days I feel like she's always been with us and I can't really remember what it was like before her?! Which seems so strange because for over 3 years we just had the other 3  (or the "triplets" as I like to call them--since they were all 3 born within less than 3 years)....I hardly remember all the transitions....just one day we had one child and the next 3 children!
I am very thankful for this sweet family of ours.....some days are is exhausting always being needed, feeling like I can never accomplish tasks, staying up late to get things done/getting up early to be ready for the day......but I know that I'm so greatly blessed and that there truly is nothing I'd rather be doing or anywhere else I'd rather be! Some days I know I easily complain and need to grab hold of how gracious the Lord is to me......time with these sweet babies is fleeting and we only have so much time to savor these little years.

 though these face expressions pretty much sum up most of our days together.....

 but of course there are plenty of these moments as well.....

some fall memorable moments to savor......

 cute cow (the 3rd willis baby to wear this costume!)

so we are richly blessed indeed......and as quick as the first year flies, I'm still savoring and soaking in every moment with all 4 of these babes.....I know I fail so often at being selfless and loving them all well, but thankful for a gracious and merciful God who not only forgives me yet sees His perfect & righteous Son covering all my sin! So grateful He loves me because of Him and not what I can or can't do! What a privilege to be in this advent season to reflect on these great truths and celebrate the coming of the baby Jesus---our King and Lord and Savior!

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