Friday, January 24, 2014

2013...a year in review

So having baby #4 has really made my organization and picture taking and blogging kinda go out the window. I noticed I've maybe written 1-3 posts per month-ha! So thought I'd write a quick year in review to look back on......

love my girls

we ended 2012 with our new family member....sweet baby 2013 began with 4 children! wow can't believe we have 4 children!! love all their fun and different personalities

sweet siblings

grandma and grandpa came for a visit

we had a little snow

gigi and pops came for a visit

Reed lost his first tooth!

and played his first basketball season

Maggie's first Easter!

Maggie's first road trip to Nashville
Meeting cousin Rett
enjoying time with big sister while other big kids at school


Was a little busy......

sweet snuggles for daddy

nana came for a visit

lots of watching big brother at the ballpark

watching reed play some baseball

love this picture of my babies

Emery-Claire turned 5 years old

last day of kindergarten and preschool

fancy nancy birthday party

big day.....all 4 were baptized

we picked strawberries with our friends

sweet girl turned 1/2 a year old and found her feet!

Happy Father's Day

fun times at Gigi & Pops house

love making s'mores

time with sweet friends!

happy rainy 4th of july

we had a fun family trip to the lake in GA

we had several rainy days at the we lounged in our pjs quite often too....but Maggie's still happy

when they played, they played hard....because this was often the scene every afternoon!

lake lounging with our new friends, Saige and Kit

happy 4th birthday Mary Etta! she loved her poolside party!

We began wrapping up summer and preparing for school to start! Busy busy!

someone finally learned to sit up all on her own

girls started taking dance; they were super excited

we started spoon....all on the tray and having fun digging in!

spent labor day weekend with family at grandpa and grandma's lake house

back to school! 1st grade, kindergarten, and preschool

started crawling

had a visit from nana and cousin grayson

our big boy turned 7 years old!

learned how to pull to stand! time to lower the crib!

seriously one of my favorite pictures!

EC lost her first tooth!

Reed loved playing some flag football! and having our friend, Bud, come watch his game!

Happy Halloween!

maggie loved watching her the snow fall
first thanksgiving
we loved having nana and 
gabe come visit

Maggie's 1!!
fun having her great aunt and uncle come celebrate with us all

she loved the cake!

having fun with nana

christmas program at school

excited to do some baking

decorating cookies take 2.....this was christmas eve, after we were on the mend from the flu! thought the first batch was contaminated so we threw those away!

heading to ride on the "minivan express" and so very excited!
Merry Christmas!!!!

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