Tuesday, May 20, 2014

17 months

So my last post our baby girl was 15 months.....well now it's May (almost the end of May) and she is 17 months and really days away from being 1.5 year old or 18 months.....so crazy! And I also mentioned making this blog private...and I still might! I haven't had a moment to think lately because May is such a crazy busy month as I'm sure everyone else feels same way!

Baby girl started walking.......HUGE milestone!! A little later than her 3 siblings, but she officially took off and didn't look back right at 16 months!

Her first Easter egg hunt......

 Hard work carrying such a big bucket for a little girl!

Maggie continues to grow and change so much each and every day! It really is amazing how fast you realize it goes by with the 4th child.......we wake up start our day and before I know it bedtime has arrived! Then we prepare to do it all over again the next day! Trying to soak in and remember each of these ages.....Reed 7.5 years; Emery-Claire 5.5 years (turning 6 this week); Mary Etta 4.5 years and Maggie 17 months......our days go by so fast and they are still young and little (though not as little as my days with a 3 year old, 1 year old, and infant!)

It's amazing too to see her understanding of words and language, and attempt to use them grows and grows........
"no" (she definitely understands and attempts to say "na")
"bye bye"
"da"(for daddy)
"ee" (for Reed)
"na" (for banana)
"Ga" (when asked "who made you?" she responds with "Ga" for God)
signing 'more' and 'all done' with and without prompting
shows her teeth when asked where they are
knows what to do with a brush--brushes her hair
plays peek a boo....esp if ask "where is maggie?"
"uh uh" for uh-oh
tries to vocalize with singing; so sweet!

We love you more and more everyday sweet Maggie Starks! You are one busy and active girl, but you bring such joy to our family! You are a precious precious joy and blessing!

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