Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Rooms!

The new big boy bedding.......
Reed discovering "jumping" on the bed is lots of fun!
The bedskirt I made! Yes, I made it with LOTS of help from my wonderful and talented friend, Monica!

The rocking chair we did have recovered and I also made the pillow on the chair to match the bedskirt, and soon to make curtains. The dresser will be Reed's (and his white one will be EC) but it is way too much to move this one out. So for now we will wait to move the them until we get in a new house.

This is the 2nd post I also wanted to show.......the new rooms! We finally switched the beds yesterday. Hopefully that means we will sell our house now, right! Reed did fabulous in his new big boy bed! I'm so proud of him! As you can see from the pictures it looks so wonderful all wedged in the corner---didn't you know that this is one of the new styles I saw on HGTV! For now we hoped this would enclose him and hopefully help the "falling out of the bed" issue. So far he has not tried to get out of it and play, he did stay in it. There still was a little wall kicking and even some jumping, as one would expect with a trampoline like size bed for a toddler. But so far, so good with bedtime last night and nap today. And EC loves her room, as do I.......we both slept sooooooo much better last night! She does still wake up to eat 1x, but no fussing or difficulty getting back to sleep---it was wonderful! I pray we can continue that tonight as well! So I also have some pictures of her new bedding; and it is what I made with my wonderful friend, Monica's help! So when we finally get our new house I hope to finish the curtains to add to the windows and room decor.


  1. The rooms look great. It is inspiring me to get working on Mallaney's big girl room! And Emery Claire's smiles are adorable! So cute!!!!

  2. The rooms both look adorable! I am impressed that you made the bedskirt and pillow. Someday I want to learn to sew!