Thursday, June 5, 2008

Praise the Lord!!

From this............

to this........Yeah! Praise the Lord!!! We got a wonderful report at the orthopedic doctor we went to see on Tuesday.....Reed's leg is NOT BROKEN! We are so thankful for this good news! So off came the splint, and as you can see here he is today in the backyard swinging that baseball bat again! He is slowly, but surely, walking more and more the past couple days. The doctor said his x-ray looked perfect, and there was no fracture at all! He also said there may be some weakness since the leg has been casted for the past week, but within several days up to a week he should be back to his old self! They don't know why he wouldn't initially stand or walk on it, maybe a bone bruise, a sprain, or twist of the muscle, but all that matters is it isn't broken! He is still limping slightly, but everyday he is walking more and more in the house and the yard. He had lots of fun outside today as you can see!
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  1. oh, praise the Lord that it isn't broken! hopefully y'all can get back to normal now and reed can run around! hope things are going well adjusting to having two babies at home.