Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moving Day!

Wanted to give a quick update on my break from non-stop packing!! Tommorrow is our big moving day, finally! We have made several trips already taking odds and ends, but tommorrow we will have a truck and move everything. I took a load last night, which helped, but I am really struggling with anxiety over this move. We do have a cute house and it is in a great area, so fresh and clean (it was recently renovated, so it feels like new on the inside). But I still think the whole overall process is so overwhelming, as I ponder the petty things like will everything fit, will we have enough room (the biggest size difference will be the kids' rooms--they are much smaller than what they have now), will we adjust and adapt to a new home, etc. etc. My sleep, of course, is affected by all this--or the little sleep I'm able to get right now. I'm just trying to stay focused on getting us packed, and not worry about what is out of my hands. Praying and asking God to get us through this transition, and for me to trust Him that this is what is best for our family!
Anyways, all that to say as we disconnect our cable and internet at our current house tommorrow, at some point we will be back online but I'm not sure exactly when---so as soon as I can I'll post some pics of the new place, and hopefully by then it will somewhat be put together.

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  1. Oh, Erica. Moving Mode is just awful. I hope it goes smoothly and that you settle in, quickly and comfortably!!!