Sunday, February 1, 2009

We're back!!!!

Ok, we don't officially have the internet yet, but we will on Wednesday! Finally! At this moment I'm logging onto the internet from someone nearby, and it's actually working! Since we've moved it's only worked like seconds and then kicks us off, but tonight it's been consistently working for the past hour of so, so I thought I'd type a quick update since our big move almost 2 weeks ago. No pictures tonight, afraid with the jump off internet it may not work, so only words for now and pictures will come later this week I promise! It has been an interesting last couple of weeks for sure! We moved all day Wednesday, January 21. And it's been a nonstop fun ride since then. A few days after moving, we discovered our water heater was not up to par, and then the kitchen sink was leaking and filling up with water--oh, nice! But our wonderful landlord took care of it all immediately, so we realized the nice benefit of renting! Then a week later, this past Tuesday, we had a HUGE ice storm here in KY, and I believe north of us as well (with no tv or internet I had no idea what was coming or going on) Wednesday morning we wake up to no power (luckily we FINALLY closed on our other house Tuesday)--all got delayed from Friday to Tuesday, but we were very relieved to be done with that! So Wedneday we headed to our friends', the Pepiot's, for warmth and shelter---we are so thankful to them for allowing us to reside there from Wed. to Friday. And thankfully later Friday afternoon our power was back on, so now we are home again, yeah! Still a mess of boxes here, so lots to do! And again we have a clogged drain connected to the washing machine, so hopefully tommorrow that will be fixed so I can do the loads of laundry we've accumlated! Another storm is predicted for Monday/Tuesday of this week, and I'm really praying it is nothing major, I don't know how much more I can take! I'm longing so bad for spring for sure, and it's just now February! So that is our craziness in a nutshell, probably lots more details than you wanted to know.....hopefully this week, I will just post pictures of the kids (who have done really well considering all the craziness) in our trying to resume a normal routine.

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