Saturday, May 16, 2009

We're back!

Well, you may think we're crazy as we attempted our first beach trip with women and children only! This past week my mom and sisters and 3 children headed down for a 5 day trip to Destin. We had fun and beautiful weather everyday, but long car rides with 3 little ones, and out of routines, well, can be alot at times. I think our kids had a great time! Reed definitely enjoyed the pool and beach and sand so much more than last year, as he was slightly timid at first but quickly warmed up and seemed to have a blast!

At Seaside.....the night we went of course was the only time we saw rain. So needless to say I had planned on more pictures there but didn't quite get to make very many there.

Loving the pool! He even made his mark as one day, oh yes, as we were in the baby pool I saw the floating up of, well, you know! Quickly we grabbed him and Emery-Claire out of the pool and went to inform the staff. They had it taped closed and had to shock it to clean it out! Only my child would be the one to shut down the pool---at least it was only the baby pool! I didn't have my camera with me for that one, but we will definitely not forget leaving our mark!
Our attempted evening photos on the beach. I seemed to get cuter ones of them individually more than a together one, so below is the best of the bunch! Our little finger sucker below had few pictures made that she wasn't sucking them! And Reed was having so much fun rolling around in the sand and having it all over himself. So this is the best for this year and it will do!

The 3 cousins playing behind the condo we stayed at.....having so much fun!

Since we stayed at the Sandestin, we went over to the Baytown Wharf Village one evening. The boys loved the playground and walking around with so much to see!
Emery-Claire had fun with Aunt Sarah (or Nee-Nee).....they became big buddies during our time together!
Thank you so much Mom/Gigi for a wonderful trip! Even amoungst the up and downs we had a great time with you! We are so thankful for your generosity and making the trip special for us all! We love you and look forward to seeing you again soon!


  1. the pics are great with reed and e.c. and thanks so much for your sweet words...there were many special moments and memories...remember how happy reed was running in up and down the beach that night we went to take pics? he giggled so much and kept inching closer to going closer to the ocean...thank you for sharing this time with us...and all the driving you did! i love you.

  2. what a fun girl trip!! i am sure there were lots of great memories made there.

  3. thank you for not taking a picture of floating poo.
    albeit funny, not pretty.
    it was great to talk to you the other day. glad you were able to go to the beach with your family.