Sunday, May 24, 2009

Birthday festivities!

So since last Wednesday was Emery-Claire's birthday, it's been nonstop around here! Wednesday was more low key, with just a few fun family celebrations. Then on Saturday we had a party, with family. So here go the pictures.....

Waking up to eat her birthday muffin from Panera, she loves a blueberry muffin!

We went to eat at Chick-Fil-A and for dessert (since the cake wasn't til Saturday's party) she got some ice cream, and loved it! Of course unlike Reed, she has already tasted sweets, oh well, that's just how it is for #2!

Saturday's party.......

I decided I'd do cupcakes--pink and green themed, since I had no desire to make 2 cakes and when you make them a cake you end up throwing so much of it away. So she loved devouring her own cupcake!

Blowing out the candle

Reading with Grandma
Having fun with Uncle Rusty
I made an apron to go with the kitchen Grandpa and Grandma got here in the next few months she's all ready to be a little chef in her kitchen!

About over the party now as she was off to bed after posing with Pops and Gigi
We were excited to see Casey's brother, Chad, who was passing through town and was able to stop by for a little while. Reed loves Uncle Chad, as he has a big semi he drives towing cars---which Reed thinks is the greatest thing ever!

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