Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby #3 Update.....

I thought I would update any of those out there that are interested in knowing that baby girl Willis is probably going to be arriving one week from tommorrow! Yes, it looks as though that would be the soonest (the other option would be probably next Friday). But basically by the end of next week we will be transitioning into a family of 5! Wow! I'm ready in the sense of I'm ready to sleep, feel more comfortable, etc. But definitely very nervous about the reality of 3 children under 3 years of age--and especially the 2 that will be basically 13-14 months apart! I know the Lord is going to sustain us, me, in all of this. I am excited to meet our little gal, but obviously just a little anxious of the change that lies ahead of us. I am just praying that this little one adapts into our family/the world as easily as the other two have. I can't believe it's already that time for her to be here....


  1. I was so excited when Carolyn called me this morning, Baby #3 and I might share the same birthday if she is born on Thursday! Will be thinking of you all and praying for a smooth delivery, can't wait to see the next gorgeous Willis baby! :)

  2. So exciting and I am sure overwhelming. We'll be praying for all 5 of you as you adjust. Can't wait to see her picture:)

  3. how fun, how fun, how fun!
    friend, you truly are super woman. and I hope you are able to sleep once the newest willis is here.
    keep us posted!

  4. Can't wait to see that sweet little baby girl! We'll be praying for you all!