Thursday, July 30, 2009

2 weeks and we're making it!

Enjoying some lunch at the "little table"

The craziness of the day!

We've had lots of fun with the kitchen that Emery-Claire got for her birthday from Grandpa and Grandma. We saved it for this time, so it has been loads of fun for the two of them this week!

Today our girl is 2 weeks old! After a quiet and restful week last week, we have definitely entered into nonstop "go" all this week. As I'm just now getting around to posting, and holding a crying baby too! We are surviving this crazy season, though I'm definitely finding the down times are very far and few between---as if they weren't like that before, they are really even more sparse now. When the bigger two are sleeping, then Mary Etta is ready to eat and sometimes fussy. She has done well at night (at least going 3-4 hour stretches, and waking usually once to eat), but some nights she is settling easier than other nights. Which isn't the worst thing ever, but when the other two are up and ready to go at 7 a.m., then the loss of sleep really hits! But all in all we are here, getting by day by day. We know each and every one of these sweet little blessings are so precious, which makes it all worth it that the Lord would entrust them into our care. We are thankful for all 3 of them, and even though there hard moments we wouldn't trade it for anything!


  1. Im so proud of you ! you are doing an amazing job, and I can not believe you are able to take pictures, and post, WOW!