Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our FIRST trip to the dentist!

Our first trip to the dentist....can you see how proud? Reed was such a big boy, and truly surprised us as we took him for his first cleaning last week! He didn't cry or really even protest, which is HUGE for him, as he is usually very timid in new settings and environments. We had been reading the Berenstain Bears book about the dentist for quite awhile before after checking it out at the library prior to our dentist visit. So he seemed to be very "prepared" or excited I should say about going. And loved getting the stickers and tokens to pick a couple prizes out of their prize machine. Such a brave boy!
Little sis had her first experience at the dentist as well. A little over a month ago she fell and chipped her upper middle teeth, which already resulted in one accidental busting of the lip. So I knew I should have them looked at, and they did sand them down a little so they wouldn't be so sharp. She didn't like it at all, and definitely needed more coaxing and reassuring that all was ok. Poor little thing, she seems to be traumatized by doctors and exams for even the littlest of things. But all in all she was still a brave girl!

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  1. the pic of e.c. is says it all....she looks like she's holding on for dear life....
    and what about Reed doing such a great job....the 5 mo. pic of m.e. so sweet....i know what you mean about wanting time to stop...i've felt that way many times throughout my parenting/mothering! love you, mom