Monday, February 15, 2010

Brother/Sister Love!

Big Sister...Little Sister
Look what I can do!
Siblings are a baby's perfect entertainment!

We Love You! Happy Valentine's Day!
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  1. these are just adorable pictures! wow, you do have some snow...enjoy how you placed the pics w/ your captions underneath....i bet you're dreaming of the beach. love you, mom

  2. love all your pics that you have posted recently! such cute, cute, kiddos!! :) i can only imagine how full your hands are everyday! what a blessing, though...
    oh-and you asked about those red longalls in our valentine pictures--i actually did not make those (although i always look at them and think i could!)-got william's at the little english sale and matthew's was william's when he was 9 months. my grandmother got it for him for his christmas outfit. do love the idea of just adding those buttons on the top. dresses up a plain jon jon so easily.
    so impressed with your sewing things for clay ave!! which shop? i'm thinking of lollipops, but didn't they close? anyway, can't wait to hear more about that!!