Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Potty, boots, and bubbles

Last week I believe we officially started....potty training! Well, if that is what you call it......At 22 months Emery-Claire began asking to "use the potty" we let her here and there. It was usually around bathtime, and some diaper changes. Over the past 2 months she has begun asking more and more frequently. And really since she turned 2 in May, asking daily really. So last week I figured I needed to just "do it!" So here we are no diapers (while at home anyways-unless sleeping), and usually it involves her running to the potty every 1/2 hour to hour saying "I go pee pee!" Sometimes she goes, sometimes I think she is overzealous in wanting to go. So she's going lots.....I really haven't "trained" at all (unlike Reed) if you call that potty training.
These are the favorite shoes of choice lately....Hello Kitty rainboots. Forget the fact that it's 85'+ outside these days, she wants these boots on at all times. Though the rule is only in the house while playing....which she is fine with. But if you turn your back she's found those boots and wearing them all over the house!

I FINALLY finished Mary Etta's 2 bubbles I've been working on! Yeah! I bought this fabric back in the first of May and intended to have them finished weeks ago, but here it is the first of July and now they are done! As if the child doesn't have more than enough clothes as it is?!! Oh well, I love a crawling baby in a that is all she wears most these days! And no, I don't have a monogram machine, I just made them and took the pink seersucker one to get it monogramed. Happy Wednesday!
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  1. I need to start with Langley!! We have two trips this month, and feel like I should wait until those are done. But there is ALWAYS something! Love the bubbles! So cute!