Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last Weekend...

We rode on a "tractor"

Got to run, and run, and run on the fields

LOVED watching the flag football game on these fields. Casey and his staff team put on their 2nd annual flag football tournament for students this past Friday. So we took our picnic supper and went out to enjoy the evening there as well! They had a blast, and enjoyed lots of attention from all the students!

We watched a little football!! Too bad both of our teams took a beating. But we still had fun watching in our attire! Reed, of course, HAS to be a UGA fan....while I get to have the girls cheer on the VOLS! But we have some Georgia cheerleader stuff too--so we can all cheer for each other's teams (as long as they aren't playing each other!!) Though when you tell Emery-Claire to say "GO VOLS" she gets confused as she pretty much imitates all Reed says and does---so it comes out "GO BALLS! Sick em! Hoohoohoo!" (just slightly confusing GA and TN cheering)

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  1. Love the cheerleading outfits. We have the same problem in our house. Miyako still sleeps with one TN paci and one UK paci!