Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A little of this, a little of that

I know I've kinda been MIA lately. Well this past weekend we attempted "potty training in 3 days". So here it is Wednesday and I guess we had success with it. We are having occasional accidents, but all in all I feel she gets it and knows when she has to "go".....with the exception of the "other" kind of "going" (but that is a whole other issue I don't think I should blog about). But panties all day, night---so I guess no backtracking now! These pictures are from a couple weeks ago. We went over to KET to meet the Cat in the Hat. They had various little stations for the kids to play with, so here is Reed making his attempt on the trumpet.
Every picture I took Emery-Claire is starring up at the Cat. But she knows what he looks like because she finds his picture on all the books he is on we have too! And I guess Mary Etta is squinting with excitement!
Reading books with Nana from her visit last week.
Blocks, coloring, painting......lots of "activities" while he had potty training boot camp over the weekend!
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