Friday, October 22, 2010


I just LOVE this picture! It truly is one of my favorite ones. We took this when Reed was probably close to 2 months old. How sweet is my boy!!! The reason I put it on here was it really came to mind with something I saw this week (that of course I don't have a picture of). Reed had been playing in his room, and Emery-Claire was in the living room with me (Mary Etta was probably taking her morning nap). We walked back into the bedroom and it was quiet and I saw Reed on his knees with his hands folded propped up against his bed. He was pretty somber looking and I sat next to him and our conversation went like this...
Me: Hey buddy?
R: (he turned very seriously to me)
Me: What are you praying for?
R: That little boy that hit me. (last week at our BSF time Reed was hit in the face by another child. He still has a slight bruise on his right cheek--so needless to say he was obviously hit pretty hard)
Me: What are you praying about for him?
R: I'm praying that he will love me.

Ok so at this moment my eyes are welling up with tears and I'm trying to not spoil this sweet moment by crying like a baby! So I asked if he wanted me to leave so he could finish and he replied "yes". So it was definitely one of those moments, where your heart leaps for joy! I was so excited to see my little guy's tender heart burdened to pray for someone who had sinned against him! I knew that this is only by the Spirit at work in him, sure nothing I have done--as I sure feel all I do is constantly show my sinful, selfish heart to them daily! And lately Emery-Claire is often telling me and pointing out to me "mommy you got angry!" If that's not the Spirit convicting me and calling me out on my sin I don't what is!! So all that to say I hope this is the beginning of many a time I will see my sweet boy on his knees calling out to the Lord, the one who loves, saves, and redeems!


  1. from the first moment you text me this, i was so deeply touched & teared precious & what a joy to know that sweet reed knows where to take his every need & petition. love you

  2. Ah...I've got tears too. What a sweet post. This is my prayer for my boys - that they would cry out to God at an early age!

  3. what a wonderful moment for you and reed! xo

  4. LOVE it, so thankful that you are raising such a man.