Saturday, October 9, 2010

TN/GA gameday at our house

Here they are happy, to be the "winning" team this year!

We still had some TN cheerleaders to cheer on the VOLS anyways!

Well, as I know I've said before TN/GA gameday is a house divided around here! As I, a strong TN fan, and Casey, a devoted UGA fan, have to cheer against each other! So he gets Reed and I get 2 TN cheerleaders!
So here are some pictures from our gameday....the game is not over yet, but not looking good for the VOLS this season so far. And now I'm updating as we know TN lost to the GA bulldogs (41 to 14) this year :( On this game one of us obviously has to loose, and I can't complain as I believe over the past 6 years we've won 4 out of 6 games!

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  1. sure wish your cute TN Vol cheerleaders could have cheered them on to a victory! love you