Thursday, June 16, 2011

Embrace The Camera-Thursday June 16

Today this sweet baby of mine turns 23 months old! I know, I know.....after about 18 months it seems rather silly to count their months in ages. But with the baby and #3, it sure is hard to just say a number. I hear Casey tell someone we have a almost 5 year old, 3 year old, and 2 year old---and I am always saying "she isn't 2 yet!!" But the reality is that 1 month from today she really will be 2 years old, and why is that so hard for me?! I guess for the past 4 years I've constantly had "a baby" really......though I wouldn't trade this sweet, almost 2-year-old for nothing! She is such a cuddle bunny, loves to hug and kiss us, sit in our laps, and is all 3rd child as she is constantly yelling "MOMMY!!" as loud as she possibly can to get my attention. She is so silly and yet so sweet all rolled up into one! Oh sweet Mary Etta how you bring such joy to our lives each and every day! As shocked as we were to find out the Lord had created you so closely behind your sister, I can't imagine our family without you! We love you sweet, sweet girl!

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  1. I love this photo!!! SO sweet. I am with is hard when the baby is getting grown up...I am letting Caleb have his bedtime bottle as long as I can. Mary Etta is beautiful!