Thursday, June 30, 2011

Embrace the Camera-Thursday June 30th

It's the time to "Embrace the Camera!" We started some swimming lessons this week (well our older two). Our month spent at project had a crazy mix of weather. The first couple weeks the pool wasn't even open yet, then once it was open we seemed to have more rainy and 60s/70s type weather--so pleasant to be outside but not really warm enough to get in the pool. So the few times we did get to enjoy it (which seems so crazy that it's almost July & my kids have been swimming a few times!) this little girl LOVED it! We couldn't get to the side of the pool fast enough before she was jumping in over and over again. So with beautiful weather in our forecast today after our morning swim lessons we are off to enjoy the pool today here! Happy Thursday!


  1. I know, our weather has been totally crazy too! We finally went swimming for the first time yesterday. My kids had a blast!

  2. Adorable!! That swimsuit if fantastic!! What a happy picture!

  3. So many cute pictures Erica!! I can't believe Mary Etta is almost 2 either! Love your girls curly hair! So glad you enjoyed your summer project. Sounds like an amazing experience for your family! Langley has ME's bathing suit, but the skirt gets in her way and she doesn't want to wear it. :)