Saturday, August 6, 2011

July Travels-Part 3-Beach Week!

So our children weren't huge fans of the sand......we took them down there a few times (it kinda stunk as the beach was full of seaweed/algae all along the shore (which you can see if you look closely in the background of the picture above)--it actually looked pretty gross; as was the water which looked all green and gunky too). So they mostly threw sand on each other and cried as they had it all over themselves (and we needed one of those big tents to sit under, so I felt a little unprepared to have them down there). So needless to say the beach didn't last very long--we spent lots more time at the pool! They could have swam in there all day!

Our children loving every minute of the pool.......

So we got to spend a week at the beach in July. It was fun having us all together---was it restful, relaxing, no, but yes I think we all had some good family time together! No distractions or responsibilities like we have daily at home to tend to (besides caring for our 3 little people).

Eating a little homemade ice cream at a local shop---so yummy!

Date night for us---we did get a couple nights off by ourselves and an afternoon of shopping! This night we got to go to one of our favorite places called the Red Bar, in Grayton Beach, love, love, love that place!!

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  1. those are great pictures, you & casey look wonderful. love you