Friday, August 19, 2011

One "BIG" Birthday!

Birthdays, they come and go.....some are big ones, others just blend in I suppose. Well, we have a fairly big one to celebrate today! My mom celebrates 60 years of life! 60 seems like so many years full of life, but yet I feel like she is many more years youthful than that--so it seems so weird to say 60.

I am so very thankful for my mom, thankful for her love, friendship, encouragement, compassion, faith, heart, and many many more attributes I could list about her. I know I am greatly blessed having her as apart of my life. She was at home with us when we were young--there to welcome us home after a long day at school, ready to listen and encourage school girl dramas and issues.

I am thankful for her model of loving us all when I'm sure there were days it was hard too, giving and sacrificing her days and life for all of us---which is often rare in our culture of mothering today. She was home, she was available, she was always there! And into high school and college she was there---always ready to listen and counsel, and such a prayer warrior for her children indeed! I'm thankful now to have her so dearly love and give of herself to my own children--she truly treasures her time with them, which again is a blessing as I know there are many grandparents out there who don't always delight in just being with their grandchildren, nor do they do it very willingly.

This past weekend we were all 4 (my mom and my sisters) able to celebrate her life together on a girl's only weekend! I did have one sick little baby girl on Friday (throwing up and fever does not make it easy for one mama to get away), but after that shot of phenegran and some clear liquids and rest I was able to get away first thing Saturday morning--as what appeared to be a 24 hour bug had passed thankfully. So I met up with the gals and we went to grab lunch and get pedicures........
then ran around to do some fun nashville shopping! especially lots of fun shops in downtown franklin---so so fun!

then grabbing a fairly quick dinner at calypso cafe (one of my favorites) before heading off to see "the help" (would you believe I just finished the last 30 or so pages early that morning before i left??!! I know I'm crazy......but with our past crazy few weeks I just couldn't get it all read before, and I knew we were going to see the movie and I definitely couldn't go without having finished the book!

Off to grab some dinner and go see "The Help"; and then some yummy sweet ceces!

We truly had a great weekend together! I'm thankful for all of our relationships and taking this time to bond together--sisters and mom! Mom we love you so so much, and we look forward to celebrating many many many more years of birthdays with you!!


  1. You are such a sweet daughter! Can you send me those pictures? Would love to have some of us in our house:)

  2. Thank you for your heartfelt words & tribute. Having relationships with my daughters & their families is like breaths of life for my heart. I am so grateful for all of you & love being gigi to your children. What a blessing for me. Thank you for making room in your heart for me to be your mother-friend. I am so grateful for you and Casey and so appreciate Casey praying for me this a.m. I want some pics too! Love you.