Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Her first day

sweet sisters hugging before our venture off.....Mary Etta and Mommy had their own full day of running errands and lunch together. it is sweet to have alone time with her, as we obviously don't get that very often!

So yesterday marked another big day for one of the Willis children. Our little and full of life--Emery-Claire had her first day of "school". Emery-Claire is attending the Mom's Day Out at our church (Reed did as well when we turned 3). She is just going once a week, and was so excited to go yesterday she could hardly stand it! She excitedly ran into the room, she did need a little prompting to say hello to her teachers, and was very excited to see lots of new friends and many familiar ones as well! She did not cry and went right away to the table and began doing the table activities. So I was just as excited for her....she is so social and loves being with people, so I'm sure if she could she would go everyday!

the differences between boys and girls--well it's amazing. it's like pulling teeth to get reed to tell us much about his day at school. well, this child couldn't stop telling us all sorts of things. whether it be about 2 children who didn't share, or how the teacher told her to quit pulling up her dress, or how much she enjoyed her snack "it was fun" she said! she had lots of stories for sure! i'm glad she enjoyed so much. happy first day sweet baby girl!


  1. What a big girl! LOVE her apple dress! So sweet. Glad she had a nice day!

  2. Could she smile any bigger???!!! what a big day for all of you & before long she'll be trying to 'teach' or lead the class (like she does in her pretend 'teacher' role @ home)...Proud of you, Emery Claire!! love you