Sunday, September 4, 2011

No training wheels!

So the past couple days Casey has been working with Reed to ride his bike without his training wheels! I'm amazed at how quick he's caught on! He is so excited and proud of himself, it's so sweet! I truly have a little boy.......This is filmed sideways, sorry. But it's short and sweet, so I know grandparents will eat this up regardless of the filming!


  1. WOO HOO!!!! Go Reed!!! So proud of you...can't wait to see you ride your bike the next time I visit. We're so proud of you!!! Love you. gigi & pops (Tell mommy to put some pictures of you & your sisters on the new swingset on the blog)!

  2. Oh how sweet. Our little Reeder is truly growing up. I just remember him the other day carrying and rocking him in my arms while you and I were shopping in the mall. Wow, how time flies!
    So proud of you Reed! Continue the determination!