Monday, November 14, 2011

Iphone pics

So this is really random post; but I thought I'd post some of these pictures I was going through on my phone. I actually upgraded and got a new one; so I hadn't even downloaded most of these onto the computer. Looking back at some of them over past 6 months or's just amazing how much theses 3 have changed!!

This one was taken last October. I was headed to a girls weekend with some friends and dropping the girls off with my mom. Reed was staying home with Casey for boy time. Little did we know how much of a hard time he had seeing the 3 of us girls leaving! Poor little guy; I felt so bad for him! I thought he'd love Daddy time but was so confused with all us girls being away for a couple nights. Though I think a year later, he'd eat it up! He can't seem to get enough of Daddy time these days!

Seriously one of my favorite all time pictures! Our own fancy nancy!

Oh my this is ME last year around this time (or probably December with her HO HO HO shirt). Wow, she looks like such a baby still there!

This was from Reed's Family Fun Night at school back in the spring. He loved the wildcat he had painted on his face.

This summer while at the CO summer project. We found a great library there and attended many story times.....they loved it! There were puppets and it was so intriguing to them all in the very decorated story room!

Birthday girl at the beach for her birthday; we were going to get her a balloon and cupcake!

Little performer!

Emery-Claire is such our imaginative child. Here she is with phone in hand and her pad of paper and pencil. She had told me she needed to go make some notes and make some phone calls!

Our own ballerina!

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  1. It so amazing to see the changes just from the summer to present. Their faces show more physical maturing and losing that baby look. They are so sweet & energetic and full of life!